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Aiura Episode #01 Anime Review

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Aiura Episode 1
Aiura Episode 1

A cute show that’s much more laid back than expected.

What They Say:
They don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that just makes these high school girls’ daily lives more fun. “Their lives happen when nothing is happening” in this anime based on the lackadaisical four-panel manga. *This story features high school girls, but there’s not much romance, and comedy has its place. Don’t expect too much extravagance.

Content: (please note that the content portion of a review may contain spoilers)
When I started up the episode I was a little blown back by the high-pitched, hyper opening, and the frenetic pace of the characters flying across the screen, but I was ready for some frantic speech and crazy gags. Instead, Aiura starts off very mellow as the first girl we meet, Ayuko, drinks tea on her porch. This is followed by almost a full minute of no dialogue as she runs around town, doing errands and eating ice cream while either soft music or birdsong fills in the background noise. Even the backdrop adds to the surprisingly relaxing nature of the show, giving the feel of a water color painting with some rough lines and light colors that occasionally bleed outside the lines.

The other two main characters don’t even make an appearance until near the end when Kanaka (I’d thought she was the main character, judging by her prominence in the opening credits) knocks over Ayuko’s ice cream and replaces it with Saki’s taiyaki, which turns out to be super spicy. This is the only joke-y moment of the episode, but it’s good for more of a smile than a laugh. This also brings up a trope, as Saki yells at Kanaka for treating an elementary student that way (“But I’m a high school student as of tomorrow too…”) that I’m sure will bring up more jokes in the future.

In Summary
I was surprised with the mellowness of Aiura, and with how the show carried that through all the way to the end. Instead of being something goofy to watch, this turned out to be a nice, relaxing show about one of my favorite things, moments in a person’s life — which actually works quite well in the short format. This is still moe through-and-through: the high school characters look like they’re 10, and the three main characters, brief as their appearances were, already seem crafted to fill a certain character type. The episode even ends with Ayuko standing around in her underwear. But even with that, this show is just nice, and definitely something I could spend an afternoon watching, if there were enough episodes yet.

Grade: B

Streamed by: Crunchyroll

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