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Top Ten Yuri Anime Pairings That Should Be Canon… But Aren’t

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Yes, as much as the innuendo is rampant (heck, it’s in the title!) and feelings are shown, nothing is actually made ‘canon’ (as of yet) so to speak, and also it’s mostly played for comedy. It’s here that I began thinking of pairing that are never made canon and are not played for comedy, and then I realised there were a ton of pairing I realised that I liked in the yuri genre that despite everything are never made official.

So here, I’m giving the top 10 (plus a few honourable mentions) yuri pairs where are never made canon despite doujin, shows, and everything else possible, but not one kiss is made between them…

The rules I’ve made for this one are that a) the pairing is null and void if either of the girls in question do get a boyfriend by the end of the series (this eliminates for example Rei/Usagi (Sailor Moon), Minori/Taiga (Toradora), Rin/Saber (Fate/Stay Night) and the big omission from the list, Sakura/Tomoyo (CCS)). Also the pairing must not have official canon as in an actual relationship (the aforementioned Rin/Saber may fall into this one as well, but this also includes ones like Chikane/Himeko (Kannazuki No Miko) and Yuuki/Yume (Kanamemo). Basically these are the ones we all know has a possibility, but has never been official canon for one reason or another (platonic, innocence…or the creator is an arse ^_^)

O.K, so here are my top 10 yuri pairings that aren’t…outside of our imaginations anyway…


The girls from K-ON: Yui in particular you can pair with practically anyone with the cast, including her sister – I didn’t put this in the top 10 mainly because the most popular pairing seems to be Ritsu/Mio and…to be frank, I’m not a Ritsu fan and really don’t like how it would work as a pairing. Yui/Azusa I’m much more fond of, and Mugi/Sawako is my other one I particular like but mainly my lack of fondness for Ritsu with Mio is what makes it outside the top 10.

Koyuki/Natusmi (Sgt. Frog) This just makes outside the list because Koyuki is much more integrated with the story in the manga, as sadly her appearances become quite limited outside the anime. But I highly recommend the manga as the slight hints they use in the anime are full blown in the manga (even in the anime it’s a nice friendship and doesn’t make Natsumi sound like a bitch for once).

Sakura/Hotaru (Gakuen Alice) This one again is cut from the list mainly because the anime just barely hints at it (and Hotaru doesn’t demonstrate her more caring nature that she does later in the manga) but it’s adorable (especially as there is a kiss between the two briefly and sweetly, platonic, cute and friendly? Yes. Actually, I might as well add Misaki/Hotaru (Angelic Layer) as well because I’m amazed how popular that pairing is. It’s adorable as heck, but…one is 12 and one is 5. Yeah, even I’m concerned about the thoughts some fans may have with that…

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