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Ishida & Asakura Episode #11 Anime Review

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Ishida & Asakura Episode 11
Ishida & Asakura Episode 11
Finding a way to make Ishida smile has to work with unconventional routes.

What They Say:
Ishida, to his shock, discovers that one has to be able to smile to run a flower shop, so Asakura and friends try to help him learn…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Asakura’s still intent on teaching since he wants access to high school girl boobs in his future, but he’s at least now starting to hedge his best a bit. The question to Ishida becomes that if he does work in the flower shop, would he be able to fondle breasts there? That just leads to other problems though as Asakura makes it clear that in order to run a flower shop, you have to be able to smile. And when you think about it, we haven’t seen Ishida smile at all throughout the show as both he and Asakura are dead-faced throughout. So that has his “friends” doing what they can to teach him to smile. The way it gets done is pretty hilarious though as it’s not what they expected to work, nor was it planned.

In Summary:
While I do feel like this show saps my intelligence as I watch it, it’s just two braindead moments for me and there’s something to be said for going that route. There are comedic moments to be had and the idea here for the gag works well and has a good couple of wacky laughs along the way that worked. It’s certainly not high comedy art or anything, but the way the two deadpan their way through everything and cope with their issues is comical and amusing in this instance.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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