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Senyu Episode #10 Anime Review

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Senyu Episode 10The best way to escape is to send another body through half a dozen walls to the outside, right?

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The Review:
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Before watching this episode, I had revisited the previous nine with my kids and had a comically good time with them in watching it. Seeing how it all ties together in marathon form definitely helps, especially with the arrival of Janua, who spends some time naked here. What complicates things here is the arrival of a witch named Februar who has come to cause a fair bit of trouble, such as taking down Janua quickly even though she’s over a hundred years old but looks like a tot. Leave it to Ros to mess with her the most though with how he talks to her, but also the way he isolates her powers and abilities quickly in order to advance the storyline overall. What helps overall is that they’re able to finally get out of the situation they’re in, but it’s one of those moments where the bigger trouble likely lies ahead.

In Summary:
Senyu is a bit light on the comedy this time and a little more on the action, but it does that with some style and humor as well as Ros takes down Februar with relative ease. With the group having been stuck in the jail cell for awhile, there’s been a lot of fun there but it’s definitely got that “time to move on” feeling about it as well. When you look at it in the bigger picture of the season overall, you can see the way it’s turning and there’s definitely fun to be had here, but it also left me wanting more of Februar to see what would happen there. Ros continues to be my favorite character so I can’t complain too much about this episode.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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