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THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke Episode #10 Anime Review

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The Unlimited Episode 10
The Unlimited Episode 10
The fallout from the battle is dealt with in a most unusual manner.

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The Review:
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The Unlimited certainly went big for me in the previous episode and the budget was certainly on the screen with what it did. But it also resonated well because of the solidly done back story that was presented before it, which ties into what we got touches of back in Psychic Squad. Having the show go big as it did, pushing Kyosuke in the manner they did and really letting him cut loose with his abilities made for a very engaging episode. Particularly since he got to realize, even in a somewhat hard to believe way for him, that BABEL really didn’t have anything to do with it. The face of the world when it comes to dealing with psychics is not an easy one because of all the distrust that’s boiling under the surface and his own experiences have obviously made him sensitive to it. Something like this coordinated military style attack only sets him off all too easily.

The fallout from that attacks is interesting as Andy and Kyosuke end up getting treatment with BABEL. For Kyosuke, there’s time spent with Fujiko which is the only reason he sort of goes along with it since there is some level of trust between them. For andy, he gets to have a basic going over with the three girls keeping tabs on it all since their goal is to find Kyosuke as they have their ongoing issues with him. But what turns in an interesting direction here is that Andy is able to get them to let him go along with them to where they know Kyosuke to be. Since the girls aren’t exactly working on the level in a way, it makes some sense to use him and Kaoru in particular sees a way he could be an advantage as it goes on. But she also provides some back story for him that helps explain the past that the trio has with him and why they have such a contentious relationship.

Bringing all of these people together, which includes Andy meeting Fujiko in a more relaxed setting, he gets to get filled in on the past a bit more with what Kyosuke is all about and the girls themselves. There’s some mildly complex relationships involved here with who has worked for who and for what over the years and decades, something that Andy has a hard time discerning at first because of his in the now skew of looking at things. While there’s a lot to like there, we also get to see what Kaoru will do for Kyosuke based on their unusual relationship, one that even the other girls are having a hard time dealing with at times, since she goes the distance to make sure he gets better even though it will be a problem for her in the future. Her concern, appropriately enough, is for all the others in PANDRA since without him she knows that they’ll be even worse off than they are. For her age, she continues to be pretty thoughtful, especially compared to how she was not too long ago.

In Summary:
The Unlimited sets itself a difficult path here after the big events of the previous one as it goes for the calm moment before the real storm. Reinforcing Kyosuke’s beliefs after what happened there and his intent to go forward, we get a lot of time spent bringing more light to the past with what happened among many people and how all those relationships are connected. For Andy, it’s a good learning experience as he gets more sides of the story and gets a clearer picture of things, which is quite useful considering his delicate position at the moment. But the scene stealers continue to the Psychic Squad girls who are well used here, sparingly most of the time, to nudge things in the right direction and to ensure that those bonds continue to exist even as they all grow and change through their experiences. It may be a quieter episode overall, but a useful one for setting the direction of where to go from here.

Grade: B

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