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Da Capo III Episode #10 Anime Review

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Da Capo III Episode 10
Da Capo III Episode 10
Ricca makes her move and earns a huge round of applause.

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The Review:
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With the series nearing the end of its run, it has to start doing some thing to bring it all together in a way that makes sense. Of course, it also has to keep its fun and odd nature about it, such as the introduction of a new character here in the form of Minatsu, a cut young girl with an eye-catching bit of attire that comes across as outgoing and a bit precocious. She’s also claiming to be a robot, one that requires bananas at times of energy necessity, which leads to some amusement early on as she gets worn down and the two girls that are helping her make sure that she gets taken care of. With Minatsu running a detective agency, Kiyotaka has gone to her in order to try and find out more about the cherry blossom tree that’s caused such an issue for them in the last few weeks.

While this sets the foundations for things with what will come as new information will arrive for the group, we also get to see that the rest of the girls that Kiyotaka has been involved with are enjoying the time of the cherry blossom season with some traditional garb and the whole outdoor experience, which gives them a very elegant feeling as they wonder where all of it will lead in the end. The first half does a nice job of establishing some of these ideas and it spends some time with Minatsu as she talks about her own youth (for a robot, of course) where she learned of magic within the context of her school days in how certain things did have that feeling of magic about it, though part of it is nostalgia and a lack of understanding as a youth. But there’s also that sense of magic that does permeate the area in general and in particular with this tree, something that we know has come to life in the form of Sakura and her interactions with Kiyotaka.

Where the show wins me over a bit more here since some of this material is kind of bland is the time spent between Kiyotaka and Ricca as they hang out in the club room just the two of them. They have such an easygoing nature about each other and she teases him in a lightly and fun way about his flirting that it makes it fun to watch how they play off of each other, though he doesn’t handle it well sometimes. Of course, things get rather up close and personal as it progresses in a way neither expects, but I love that Ricca actually takes the plunge here and makes a real move on him. While Kiyotaka is not sure how to deal with it, you have to admire the way she just goes and does it and has no real qualms with it, though she does try to hedge her bets just a little so as to not throw him off completely. She continues to be my favorite and this just reinforces it.

In Summary:
Da Capo III has a mixed episode here overall, but the second half is what salvages and it really makes it engaging to watch. The first half with Minatsu is cute and it’s something that plays to that particular side of the series well enough, thought I generally find it less than interesting since the girls who play young stuff is just unappealing most of the time if it’s all they do. The second half with its focus on Ricca and Kiyotaka really won me over big time with what it does, focusing on their usual banter before going big with Ricca making a move that more anime women need to make in order to make their shows and stories more interesting. Sometimes the chase isn’t enough and you have to have a relationship exist, something that you’re hard pressed to find in anime outside of parents who are still together as couples. The show is still uneven overall for me, but flashes like this makes me wish it had the guts to go big from the get go.

Grade: B+

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