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Da Capo III Episode #08 Anime Review

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Da Capo III Episode 8
Da Capo III Episode 8
Wherein many cute girls do many things that young men love to see, but just can’t actually handle in practice.

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The Review:
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After a fairly decent episode involving Aoi and her attempts to get Kiyotaka to really understand her feelings towards him, the show shifts gears once again. And like any good harem style show, you know that a little luck has to factor into things. And what better luck than someone in the group, Kiyotaka of course, winning a free group pass to a popular water park in the area. The opportunity to take numerous cute girls who have the hots for you in varying degrees to a place where bathing suits are the theme of the day? It’s the kind of thing most young men dream of, though Kiyotaka has to at first deal with the sudden arrival of Sakura herself, which should kill the mood just a touch and because it ends up being just the two of them that goes.

Of course, you know the others are going to show up one by one as well, all in their very, very skimpy and explicit outfits that don’t really hide anything. They chastise him pretty well for hiding the whole thing from them, but it’s done without seeing their faces as it just moves from chest to chest as each of the girls gives him grief over it. Blatant but amusing. And far too well designed and animated. The whole event gets everyone a chance to get to know Sakura a bit more as well which isn’t a surprise considering the core storyline going on here at the start with the cherry blossom tree. But it’s just a small thing overall, which is what the girls must be thinking when they point out to Kiyotaka that his lack of physical erection at the sight of them is pretty insulting to them.

Not surprisingly, most of this is pretty fluffy overall as the girls all hang out in different configurations, with or without Kiyotaka, while doing their best to work out their feelings for him. With some being more overt than others, such as Aoi and Himeno, they’re a touch more restrained in a group setting, which is good for Kiyotaka because he just can’t handle it. It even goes pretty big, literally, when Mikoto shows up and she loses her top along the way. Even Lulu really gets into the mood as time goes on while waiting for a rubdown after she takes her top off. To make matters even worse for the boy who cannot handle this, she moans into it in a big way. The show just keeps going at it in this way to good fanservice level effect but also just a level of ridiculousness, especially when it hits the whole swimsuit competition thing, as it just puts the girls out there in a big way to be exposed, ways they can’t handle well and are just plain awkward. But it fits in with the whole male fantasy angle in a very easy way.

In Summary:
Yes, it’s filled with fanservice. Yes it has one of the characters jumping rope while wearing no more than a few strings. Yes it has some blatant ass grabbing and a whole lot of slippage or outright loss of bikini tops. It is, in essence, the standard of what passes for swim park episodes these days with how it messes with the characters to titillate the boys by showing them what can’t have, and things they wouldn’t know what to do with even if they could. Kiyotka at least plays things well here by not being hugely perverted and even spends a lot of time trying to keep things calmed down and being all embarrassed when all this open sexuality practically smacks him in the face. You have to feel for the guy on some level since it’s not clear what he wants and making any sort of choice would hurt a lot of people. But even taking all of this into account, I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a stupid look on my face for a lot of it, enjoying the silliness of it all. It’s not hentai, but the series is definitely looking at a series like To Love Ru Darkness and thinking, “Hey, we can do that too.”

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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Da Capo III Episode 8

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