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Ishida & Asakura Episode #08 Anime Review

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Ishida & Asakura Episode 8
Ishida & Asakura Episode 8
Just how far will Ishida go to earn money?

What They Say:
Ishida needs to earn 10 million yen to open up his flower shop, so he takes a job at a local cafe.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the financial impact of what Ishida wants to do in order to open his flower shop, Asakura makes it clear that he needs to raise the money for it first since Asakura can’t contribute to it. Mostly because his focus is all on the boobs. Ishida’s not without a plan though as he’s going to work himself to the bone in order to make the ten million yen he needs to do it. And that means a job at the local cafe, albeit a maid cafe. The boss puts him through a transformation into Alice and he pulls it off in a disturbing, disturbing way. The way of the maid is explored clearly here and it takes some very, very awkward turns along the way.

In Summary:
How far will Ishida go in order to achieve his dream? He has the right work ethic behind it as we see here, but we once again see that he doesn’t quite think things through in a good and clear way. His taking on a maid waitress job is comical to say the least, though they hugely change his character design to allow him to pull it off, but it looks like it could be good for a few laughs along the way, especially when the guys from school start filtering in.

Grade: C

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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