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Tamako Market Episode #07 Anime Review

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Tamako Market Episode 7
Tamako Market Episode 7

You can’t be too suspicious of mochi. They’re out to get you, as Dera the bird would tell you.

What They Say:
Episode 7: “That Girl’s Become a Bride”

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The Review:
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So, Dera is awoken early in the morning by the sound of a mysterious flute being blown by a girl obviously from the mysterious southern island that the currently rotund bird comes from. It is being blown by Choi, who immediately attacks Dera for his appearance. Things must be getting boring, so why not introduce a new character?

Choi is the royal diviner from their island home, who makes use of Dera to tell fortunes. Dera being out of shape, however, puts a crimp in Choi’s style. Further, she feels beholden to Tamako’s family for their putting her up, yet at the same time she feels suspicious of the Kitashirakawas, since their kindness has resulted in Dera becoming so fat (so Dera claims, stating that he has been trapped in Usagiyama). It seems that the exact opposite of expectations is going on here in this episode: normally, it is the person from the modern world who is lulled into a sense of calm and ease by escaping to some unspoiled, unindustrialized land. Instead, here Dera and Choi, from the unspoiled, unindustrialized land, are lulled into a sense of ease and calm by living among the people of Usagiyama, which while it may be old fashioned, is part of the modern world.

It would seem that the point of this episode is to state again, as if it were really necessary to do so, that the people of Usagiyama, especially Tamako and her family, are really nice and good people. Choi is cute, but then that comes as no surprise as the show is already filled with cute girls doing cute things. The comedy is amusing, in the half-smile kind of way, but there isn’t much new introduced with this episode except at the very end, where, surprise, surprise (or not), Choi’s divining abilities pick up on something special about Tamako (the obvious and boring assumption at this point is that Tamako will turn out to be the bride for Dera and Choi’s prince, whom Dera was allegedly sent out to find). It was an utterly obvious development, and one which will do little to introduce any sense of suspense or thrill of excitement into a show that is pretty much running on cruise control.

In Summary:
Choi, the fortune teller who serves the Mochimazzui royal family that Dera also belongs to, comes to Usagiyama to find Dera, who does not appear to be answering their calls (though the reason is explained). While in town, Choi basically shows us again, through how she is treated, that the people of the town really are wonderful and friendly. And boring. A late episode development does nothing to shake that last feeling.

Grade: B-

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