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Media Blasters Acquires ‘Super Robot Wars’ TV & OVA Anime Series

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Super Robot Wars
Super Robot Wars

Media Blasters has updated their site and Facebook page to announce that they’ve picked up the rights to Super Robot Wars, both the TV series and OVA. No details about the release are available beyond that they intend to release it in July 2013. The shows were previously released in the US through Honneamise, a high priced edition of the show aimed at the collectors more than the mainstream audience. The releases started in 2007 for Super Robot Wars: OG – Divine Wars where each of the eight volumes were $40 -$50 each for two to three episodes, subtitled only, DVD. The original OVA set was also released in one collection for $50 in 2007. Suffice to say, whatever Media Blasters puts out will make the series available at an affordable price for the first time.

Plot Concept: It is two hundred years after the beginning of the Space Era, when human civilization on Earth began expanding into space. However, by the start of the 21st century, two meteors struck the planet, sending humanity into chaos. By the year 179 of the Space Era, secret technology, dubbed Extra-Over Technology, or EOT, was discovered by the Earth Federal Government within a third meteor that hit Earth in the Marquesas Islands of the South Pacific. Dr. Bian Zoldark, head of the EOTI Institute (Extra-Over Technological Investigative Institute), had evidence the creators of the EOT were heading to Earth, in order to reclaim it…or worse, invade the planet. In order to defend humanity from extraterrestrial threats, the government begins to research and develop humanoid mecha called Personal Troopers.

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