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Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Episode #46 Anime Review

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Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals Episode 46
Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals Episode 46
Jiraiya’s come to the village with his level of pervy in full effect.

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The Review:
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While we’ve had a good number of characters populate the series over the previous forty-five episodes, including an expansion from just Orochimaru as the villain to adding lots of the Akatsuki, one that has been lacking has been Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. The character hasn’t been in the main series outside of some flashbacks here and there for quite a few episodes, so getting some of him once again in this form is rather fitting. He’s always had an odd sense of humor that grated against Naruto at times but managed to be fun enough that he’d stick it out and really bond with him over time. His personality made him difficult for most in the village when it came to extended involvement, but his arrival always portended some interesting happenings about to occur.

With the first half here, he’s come to do some training with some of the guys in order to show them how to utilize their skills in better ways. Such as peeping. Of course, that doesn’t go over well with Neiji, but Lee has an interesting approach to it by talking about the low fanservice quota they’ve had for awhile and that it’s probably about time. While Jiraiya and the boys come to grips with what they have to do, Tsunade sets Kakashi and a few others to guard duty. Though things go about as planned, the really great moment here is the whole “pervert” tree that Jiraiya draws that defines where everyone is, whether an open pervert, closet pervert and so forth. It’s simple but effective in isolating a part of personality that shows up at various times in both series to good comedic (and sexy) effect.

The first half has a lot of good lead-up fun for it, but things turn into a throw down between Jiraiya and Kakashi as they make their progress. It’s comical how well Jiraiya knows Kakashi and how to get past him, which highlights his weakness ever so well. With the gang making further progress, and Orochimaru getting involved as well since he just wanted to visit the local baths and hot springs himself, it gets comical as the guys are all intent and it turns into a total sausage fest more than anything else, which certainly wasn’t the expected result from their point of view. With the character designs here, seeing them all in the bath is just hilarious, especially since there’s a lot of goof manipulation going on and almost some synchronized swimming before Orochimaru tries to get things on the right path again.

In Summary:
With the use of Jiraiya here, we have a stronger first half for him than the second, but that works well so that he doesn’t overly dominate the whole episode. His inclusion here is definitely welcome since there’s a good sense of fun and pervertedness about him that’s well utilized and ends up throwing the team into a bit of disarray because of how Neji handles the situation due to Hinata being in the bath. The girls have a smaller role here since it’s more about the conquest the guys are trying to achieve by peeping, and it works nicely on a number of levels. I’ve never been a huge Jiraiya fan, but I can definitely enjoy him in this setting, especially with how he tweaks Kakashi.

Grade: B

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