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Amnesia Episode #07 Anime Review

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Amnesia Episode 7
Amnesia Episode 7
Enter Kento, the latest young man in our Heroine’s life.

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The Review:
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As the series rolls past the halfway mark and clarity is still elusive, though the gist of it seems to be that we’re seeing multiple realities here based on the boyfriend potential, there’s something about it that just continues to be unsettling. As it moves on to a new suit of cards after dealing with the previous two arcs, this time around we get to deal with Kento and the clover suit, which is made ever so blunt with the outfit he wears for work. As is expected, our young nameless Heroine has no clue about what’s going on as it starts and is confused about the way he’s so aggressive with her in his style of speech with her, but he’s also coming across as just plain awkward because of this situation. You end up feeling a lot like our Heroine here though with how confused she is and that’s rarely a good thing.

With Kento making time with her, in an awkward and forceful way since he has some additional work to do with his writing, she ends up in his library place where it’s at least pretty interesting in terms of the visuals as you just want to take hold of all of that material and enjoy it. Her time with him is something that doesn’t gel well, not that the others did either, as he has a harsher approach in his visual design and personality that Toma or Ikki did. But she does what she can to go through the path with him, even as he forgets things that were set up between the two such as the festival that he says he has absolutely no interest in. In just a few minutes worth of material overall, Kento comes across as someone who is completely not interested in doing the things one does in a relationship, though he does do them to some extent. His nature makes him pretty raw around the edges.

Where things take at least a little bit of a different turn here compared to the previous interactions, when the two of them are together, Orion shows up and Heroine reacts to him, which surprises Kento. But he at least doesn’t go off on a weird tangent but instead takes it seriously, wants to know what Orion looks like and wants to engage with the “fairy” so he can figure out what’s going on with Heroine, since you can see him thinking that it’s just something in Heroine’s head. The pair do engage in a roundabout discussion, though it doesn’t reveal a heck of a lot, but it allows a little more to surface about the relationship between Kento and Heroine in this arc that existed prior to the accident. Which isn’t that hard to believe because he simply does not come off in a way that makes him someone you’d want to know, even if his looks give him plenty of draw to many admirers.

In Summary:
As Amnesia moves into its next phase, dealing with Kento and his relationship with the Heroine, we get to see a different kind of dynamic at play here. While our Heroine has been pretty empty overall in terms of personality, part of the problem of a series like this, Kento comes across even worse because of his nature and attitude in so many ways. None of the guys have been really likable at all as it’s gone along and Kento may be the worst one yet. His story does bring a little something different to bear though as we see that he’s curious about Orion as that mystical guy ends up getting more involved than he did before, which was something that I thought was forbidden based on the beginning of the series. But it doesn’t change much overall and you’re left wondering what’s really going to happen with this arc and once again wondering why you’re still caring or watching at this point.

Grade: C-

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