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Hunter X Hunter Episode #67 Anime Review

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Hunter X Hunter Episode 67
Hunter X Hunter Episode 67
The game is close to changing if certain teams truly are close to winning it.

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The Review:
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The Greed Island game arc continues on as we see the cast working through more of their time there in this episode. Events changed somewhat in the past couple of episodes as we see more of what some groups and teams are trying to accomplish in gaining position there with the “chase” cards that are so highly desired. With a lot of interesting angles played with it, including those black luck dice, we see how some are managing to stand out with some crafty strategy taking place. The scale of the game continues to change, though I still find lot of it to be pure fluff at the moment simply because of what Gon’s father revealed about it. It’s fun, but it still feels meaningless. The main fun in the arc for me so far was simply watching how Killua left the game to win his Hunter license in what felt like the space of a day.

While there is some focus on the events going on with Bomber and his team as he works to gain more cards, and finds himself facing some serious competition, the show does largely focus on Gon, Killua and Bisky. Which has some cute stuff as they talk about the cards they need to get which leads them to a bit of a montage sequence where we see them adding more and more cards to their collection. They’re definitely making progress in the game and are enjoying themselves, which again was the whole point of the game in Gon’s father making it, but the change happens when they learn from others that some groups are getting closer to essentially winning the game. That has these other groups who are enjoying the game overall want to figure out how to slow things up so they don’t win as it would end things.

This meeting starts to get everyone on the same page but it’s not a surprise that Gon and Killua are dismissed fairly easily by some because of their age, though the game does hide things as we know from Bisky’s age. But the boys have some useful knowledge of their own about one of the teams that they have to face and Killua is pretty comical in how he tries to negotiate deals that puts them with the upper hand. A good part of the episode is just the focus on trying to get everyone on the same page and working together, which does happen. It’s a whole lot of dialogue and banter between the various people involved in trying to slow things up, which has its moments, but is largely a time passing kind of episode as little really happens here.

In Summary:
Hunter X Hunter rolls right alon here and it has some cute and amusing moments but once more feels like one of those mid-arc transitional episodes. We had a lot of time spent on setup previously and the training aspect that the boys went through with Bisky. We recently started getting more of what Bomber and others like him are up to, which has added a new element of danger. And now that danger is starting to circle around to being a point of interest for the boys and Bisky as the threat of the game changing is becoming clearer if those teams end up winning. Most of what we get is dialogue here and sussing out of people by each other, which has its moments, but still largely feels like we’re just going through the motions before getting to the good stuff.

Grade: B-

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