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Robotics;Notes Episode #17 Anime Review

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Robotics Notes Episode 17
Robotics Notes Episode 17
Brief glimmers of hope are buried within this increasingly grim series of events.

What They Say:
After the accident with GunBuild-2, the school’s vice principal shuts down the Robot Research Club for good and orders that all of the club’s robots be dismantled.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
For a week we’ve been waiting to see whether the body count from the previous episode of this series would be one or two. There was also a chance that it could be zero due to anime magic, but that seemed very unlikely. As it turns out, things went about as predictably as possible. Yes, Mizuka is as dead as she seemed, and Subaru has survived, although he’s confined to a hospital bed with severe health issues and may never be the same person he was before. Obviously these events have caused additional consequences, such as the disbanding of the club deemed unacceptably unsafe to continue, the destruction of the group of friends that inhabited it, and worrisome visits and messages from people connected to Mizuka’s situation. Along with having lost the purpose they had in life, our protagonists can’t have forgotten that their own issues pale in comparison to the events that are set to befall the world soon, and just as there seems to be some recovery, the bad stuff continues to pile up.

Seeing the death take place last time was definitely an emotional moment, and the reactions from those left behind continues with that. However, the real focus of the episode really ends up being the more personal issues of those characters, which seems to undermine their fallen friend(s). The point was to make a cliffhanger, but I think it would have been better to keep the aftermath of the death and the reveal of Subaru’s fate in the same episode as the events preceding them, and continuing on with the main plot in the next. Instead, we get a slightly disjointed episode followed by an episode with lessened impact due to having waited a week and likely having assumed the correct outcome, which then shifts focus to issues on a different scale. Perhaps the creators felt that the week of not knowing for sure what had happened would prove more powerful than delivering it all at once. Or, like always, there’s a chance that the source material just wasn’t able to be worked into this format as nicely as they would’ve liked.

Continuing on that theme, the rest of the episode, while ultimately more vital to the overall plot of the series, seems trivial in comparison to the loss of life (and further damage of unknown scale). However, the plot developments can’t be ignored, and anyone invested in the series up to this point surely can’t help but wonder where this episode’s cliffhanger will lead things.

In Summary:
This episode gives us confirmation on who died, who didn’t, and what condition the latter person is in instead. After waiting a week, this is important information, but it also deflates the tension a bit too much when it’s immediately revealed that everything is just as anyone would’ve guessed. The events that follow these as a result of them play the bigger role in this episode, and while important and exciting (although really more depressing than anything, as was intended), it seems a little wrong to focus on them in light of what has happened to people’s lives close to these characters. Another cliffhanger leaves things very interesting for the next episodes.

Grade: B-

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