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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? Episode #06 Anime Review

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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren't They Episode 6
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They Episode 6
When the problem children run off, it completely gets Black Rabbit’s knickers in a knot.

What They Say:
If Black Rabbit can’t catch the children before the day ends, they will leave the community. The children think they have the upper hand but Black Rabbit will show them!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a few battles under their belts at this point and finding a certain level of comfort with each other, even if they’re not exactly friendly just yet, the series is set to do something a little different, familiar and fun with everyone. We’ve had some good emotional bits at points prior to this as they work together and understand the nature of the world, and of Black Rabbit as well, but now they’re going to have something challenging to deal with as the group has been invited to a festival of sorts that’s actually a competition. One that Black Rabbit has been hiding from them for her own reasons. The whole thing just sounds like a lot of fun for the lead trio though since, as was made ever so clear at the start of the show before they were transported here, they’re all basically bored teenagers and this will break the boredom.

And that doesn’t go over well with Black Rabbit since it’s one of the last things she wants them to be involved in. The whole thing is basically a straightforward competition as the gang will have to deal with different floor masters in order to progress, which will give them the challenge they crave and through participation will enhance both their reputation and their ability in this world. There are obviously dangers as well, but that’s not something that these characters really think about. And since they do want to get to know the world more, and enhance their own reputation, the whole thing is win-win for them. Not that they get to it quickly as there’s a bit of time spent on going through the way the festival works and what some of the larger involvement issues are, such as how the directional floor masters are chosen.

What the episodes largely focuses on here though is the characters as they spend time together in different configurations, including a decent bit spent with Izayoi and Asuka together where we get to know the tiniest little bit about them and how she’s just so thrilled to be in such an engaging and fun world. It all goes back to reinforce just how bored they were in their previous world and lives and just how exciting it is here since they started in the Gift Games. When the show does pay up the game side of things a bit, at least in terms of the more personal ones, we get a decent little match between Izayoi and Black Rabbit that’s kind of fun to watch, even if the animation continues to feel soft overall. It doesn’t really change the nature of the episode that much, but it at least gives us a little something that moves and feels engaging.

In Summary:
As the show moves on, we get something of a down episode here that lets the characters get a bit more known, albeit in the strictest most superficial sense. There are some decent moments but it doesn’t get to the heart of who any of these characters are or exactly why they were so bored in their previous world, though it’s made clear once again that they were immensely bored. The group dynamic is fairly nice if, again, superficial, but it lets things feel like it’s getting a little more cohesive even if they aren’t really well bonded friends yet. Add in a little action towards the end which becomes the highlight to things and you have an episode that’s striving to be mediocre but is having a hard time doing even that.

Grade: C-

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