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Kotoura-san Episode #06 Anime Review

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Kotoura-san Episode 6
Kotoura-san Episode 6
Can Manabe control himself mentally while at the beach with the girls?

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The Review:
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With the show having brought together an interesting group, especially with Moritani now involved more, it’s moving along by hitting the summer vacation period. As Haruka has returned to the school and likely unpacked most of her stuff without it killing her, there’s some cute stuff at the start about placement, grades and who is smarter than who. But it’s just a prologue that works nicely to show the dynamic of the group itself, which is prelude to where the show really wants to go. Throwing the cast to the sea where there will be swimsuits, skin and more fun. Which is horribly awkward considering the way that Manabe’s mind works and it’s made clear that he’s very interested in swimsuits, boobs and butts. Like any young man of his nature would be.

Because of the nature of the gathering, Haruka’s grandfather Zenzou meets them there when they get off the train and he has a lot of fun with them since he’s so wealthy and just oblivious to a lot of social things. He’s really keen on Manabe and Haruka getting together in some form and does his best to embarrass both of them, though Manabe is just earnest in wanting to get far with Haruka and agreeing with him. What makes their trip so much fun, and in-theme for the club, is that they’re shown a pretty standard haunted mansion where they get to stay as Zenzou ends up ditching them. The whole thing just excites Yuriko to no end and provides for a lot of comical if simple character dynamics to play out. The cast is just fun at this point so even when they do things we’ve seen before in other shows, it has some extra flair to it.

There’s definitely some good fun had with the whole spooky mansion place, especially since Haruka is so freaked out, but the episode thankfully doesn’t spend all of its time there. The shift to the beach does happen and there’s a whole lot to like as the gang enjoys the sun, sand and surf, and the copious amounts of skin showing. While Moritani and Yuriko go all out, Haruka plays it safe and cute, though that’s more than enough to get Manabe excited. There’s plenty of simple silliness here as well that works nicely, as well as showing how Manabe and Haruka are getting closer together, though not without their struggles as well. And Zenzou is there to criticize and prod them both along in very amusing ways.

In Summary:
With the series shifting to the beach for an episode, you do have to be thankful that they don’t overdo the fanservice. In fact, it’s pretty tame here and more is given over to the mental state of Manabe than anything else, but even that’s fairly minimal. The bit with the potentially haunted mansion at first is cute but feels like it could have been excised to do more interesting things at the beach without that feeling quite so rushed. The group has a lot of good time together here overall though, which is the main thrust of things as they all continue to bond. Moritani is settling in, Yuriko is gung-ho as always and Haruka really feels like she belongs in this group and has been part of it for a long, long time. There’s a certain pleasant feeling that permeates the series and episodes like this just reinforces that.

Grade: B

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