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Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Episode #45 Anime Review

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Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals Episode 45
Rock Lee And His Ninja Pals Episode 45
What would you do in order to kiss the crush of your dreams?

What They Say:
When the freezing cold leaves Lady Tsunade feeling down, the village organizes a snow sculpting contest to cheer her up. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Lee would give anything for a girl to give him some chocolates.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Watching three different iterations of the Naruto world at the same time can get kind of surreal. While I’m watching the simulcasts of the main series, which is just starting to get back on track, I’m in the midst of watching episodes from the 150+ range on DVD that are newly released, focusing on the Pain attack on the Hidden Leaf. And in the middle of all of this, I side track into the world of Rock Lee with its utter silliness and the way we get to see so many characters now, and villains, with a cute sense of self and personality that it can be a little disconcerting sometimes. While I’ve long disliked when the main series went the comedy route for fillers, I still find it to be pretty spot on here.

As the show works through more of the winter material, we get to see how the adults handle it to some degree when Tsunade is super depressed about how boring it all is. That gets Guy to create a snow sculpting contest in order to get her excited and breathe some life into her. Just being in the cold should do that, but everyone is just frigid and she simply doesn’t care. Guy sets fires in their rears though by making the prize a kiss on the crush of their choice and obvious the guys literally get on fire. And some of the girls too. The gang naturally goes through a lot of sculptures in attempts to win and Guy continues to encourage the whole way. But the depressed nature of Tsunade hits some of the sweet spots here with her attitude that just makes me laugh and grin repeatedly.

With the second half, the focus shifts to the Valentine’s Day time period and we get the silliness that comes from how the guys are desperate to get chocolate from the girls they like. The guys obviously have no clue about how to deal with women, though Neji does his best to try and educate them on how to act in order to receive what they want. The episode runs through some cute bits, including how Choji manages to steal the spotlight for a bit with his particular method, which in turn encourages the guys to try their hand at getting closer to the girls. And as always seems the way, the ones who are really interested in them are the ones they don’t notice, leading to plenty of hopeful moments, hurt feelings and unrequited love.

In Summary:
With the series continuing to work through the real world seasons and holidays and events that surround them, we get two stories here that are timely and fun as simulcasts. With the snow sculpting bit, seeing how the gang works hard to impress Tsunade in order to get their coveted prize is definitely a lot of good fun. The same can be said of the second half where it goes to dealing with Valentine’s Day and how the guys are all ever hopeful about getting some chocolates and go to a lot of lengths in order to handle it right. Like there is any right way to do it. The girls don’t come off too well here overall, always off to the side and talking quick and seeming like little more than caricatures, but the guys provide the fun in how they handle the whole situation. Or don’t handle it, which is the better way to say it.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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