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Amnesia Episode #06 Anime Review

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Amnesia Episode 6
Amnesia Episode 6
Will new reveals help our Heroine understand her world more?

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The Review:
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Our Heroine’s life continues to be confusing and uncertain as time goes on as she tries to understand the life she had lived prior to all her memories going away. Her time with Ikki was interesting since it made things clearer about her relationship with him, but the core problem still remained in that Heroine is just so bland and empty, partially because of the amnesia and partially because we’re getting to know next to nothing about her, that the whole thing fell apart pretty quickly. Her time with these guys has showed her in different entanglements with them, particularly with Toma, and the addition of Ikki as something more serious definitely leaves you wondering. But just who is our Heroine? That continues to be the most elusive element of the series.

While the Heroine continues to struggle through her work and has some decent time with Mine that almost feels like it’s point towards an interest or two, she largely feels like she doesn’t know how to proceed in gaining back her memories. While she has the problem of having to keep things secret, her mindset is one that just lets things happen to her more than anything else. And in some ways, the guys come across as kind of creepy. The call she gets from Ikki during the first half of the episode certainly paints it that way as he’s desperate to hear her voice, but with the two of them supposedly dating, there’s been little that he’s noticed about the problems she’s having. He’s so much more focused on just loving her and expressing it that he’s oblivious to what she’s going through for the most part.

The two do get to spend more time together, with some really scenic and beautiful looking locations coming into play, but that’s par for the course for the series. While it has a particular look to it with the simplistic movements compensated by detailed designs, it’s been more style than substance. Putting the two of them together on a moonlit night provides a great view, and Ikki does a lot of info dump material about his school years, but it feels like just basic exposition rather than someone unburdening themselves to find comfort in another. While the two do get “closer” here, not that it feels like it, our Heroine also has to deal with the fan club that Ikki has which is pretty nasty towards her, though it’s mostly words until events take a darker turn towards the end as it attempts to be must-see material by trying to kill her.

In Summary:
The nature of the series continues to confound me as it has potential for some interesting things but just can’t seem to do it in a way that’s actually engaging. A lot of time is spent here with the Heroine dealing with Ikki and his relationship with her, his past and the kinds of fans he has that completely dislike her. It’s all simplistic and fluffy when you get down to it, but it’s done in a way that at least makes it look pretty and interesting, even if there is no substance beneath the style. I’ll admit I want to know what the truth of things will be with the series, which is the only reason I keep coming back, but I can’t help but to see just how awful this show is week after week and it’s all because of the execution.

Grade: C-

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