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Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They? Episode #05 Anime Review

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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren't They Episode 5
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They Episode 5
The gang is ready to take on their next challenge and won’t be holding back.

What They Say:
No-Names vs. Perseus; what seems like an easy win for Perseus is anything but. Izayoi finally gets the chance to go all out and does not disappoint those watching.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the way the show has structured itself and the whole idea of the matches, the No-Names, one of the most awful group names you can have, are now facing off against Perseus in the last battle. With the challenge thrown down in the previous episode when it comes to the threats and intimations made towards Black Rabbit, the gang is now ready to go all out against Perseus. They actually do manage to look mildly cool at the start of it when they’re all posing together, but there’s still this strange feeling that five episodes in that I really don’t know who these characters are. It’s even to the point where remembering who is who is difficult until someone mentions their names as they’ve made so little impact so far.

With the group making their way into the castle that Perseus has, there’s the variety of challenges to be had, though the No-Names are pretty well powered up at this point. Izayoi has set up a decent bit of strategy here in order to go after Laius and is using everyone to the best of their abilities in order to pull it off. For some of them, it means sacrificing going further into the matches because of the conditions of the match, but there’s still some good action and fun to be had as they do so. Asuka tends to stand out well since her abilities are a bit flashier, as are her outfits since they’re colorful and eye-catching, so seeing her go up against the soldiers works pretty well. Izayoi also uses Kasukabe pretty well since she’s going to be the visible aspect while Izayoi uses a special helmet to turn invisible in order to advance the overall progress they need to make. As a whole, it does work fairly well and is the kind of plan that’s sensible and right if not exactly smart.

Though the flight clearly isn’t easy when you get down to it, things do move quickly in a way that allows it to all go towards the finale so it can do the big battle. With Izayoi taking the lead, he gets to go all out with plenty of people watching it via broadcast that makes many wonder just whether he’s even human. There’s such an ease to this group in coming to this world and using their abilities that it’s not almost too much, it is too much, but fits in with the huge helping of wish fulfillment that dominates it. That it all comes down to a couple of guys slugging it out doesn’t surprise me too much and it makes for a couple of decent moments

In Summary:
With the fight between the two groups here, there’s a lot going on in terms of action but little else that resonates. The main group of the No-Names work well together and there’s surprisingly little ego when it comes to doing particular jobs and sacrifices in order to win the day against Perseus. That everyone gives over to Izayoi’s strategy feels like a rare thing and it cuts out some of the usually stupid and annoying tension and realizations that so and so was actually right all along. This lets it focus more on action and progress, though not without a few stumbles along the way. But similar to the last couple of episodes, I’m still wondering why to care what these characters do. The overarching storyline has been revealed early on, but not in a way that makes it resonate with this cast or what must be done.

Grade: C-

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