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Preliminary FUNimation May Anime Release Slate Revealed

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Tenchi Muyo - War On Geminar
Tenchi Muyo – War On Geminar

While we haven’t gotten the full and official list, the potential for what’s coming down the pike from FUNimation in May 2013 has surfaced via solicitations available at Amazon Canada of all places. Not the norm, but if it gives us a clue, it definitely helps to start prepping funds for what people want to get. The preliminary list has some good stuff there as we get both collections for the Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar release, new One Piece and new Toriko. There’s going to be a sweet, sweet priced edition of My Bride is a Mermaid, which we really recommend strongly for those looking for a good comedy, and re-releases/collections of Darker Than Black season 2 and both seasons of Sekirei.

[Source: FUNimation New Title Solicitations (May ’13)]

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