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gdgd Fairies 2 Episode #04 Anime Review

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gdgd Fairies 2 Episode 4
gdgd Fairies 2 Episode 4
Another harmless game turns surreal when the gdgd Fairies get involved.

What They Say
What’s the difference between a witch and a magical girl? This time the fairies play, What’s in the box?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
This second season has added some quick little segments that are only a few seconds long, but they’re very enjoyable. One such segment opens the episode, with shrshr giving the viewers fanservice in a bikini, that’s so over the top and ridiculous that it’s impossible not to laugh.

The first segment has a conversation where the fairies try and understand the difference between magical girls and witches. When shrshr pulls out a jar of “soul jam” it’s clear it’s meant to be an extended riff on Madoka Magica. This is somewhat disappointing, because the reference humor is best done in the next episode segments, and this conversation isn’t particularly witty. There’s a good Puyo Puyo gag in there, but just referencing a popular show isn’t solid comedy.

All is forgiven in the Room of Spirit and Time, as this week they play a game of “what’s in the box” and krkr and shrshr can’t be expected to play fairly. Poor pkpk doesn’t have a chance of being able to guess the surreal creature krkr summons, and things get out of control very quickly when shrshr puts an infinite loop in the box. It’s among the best of the Spirit and Time sketches, and shows the second season still has some solid ideas in store.

The dubbing lake is solid, if not exceptional, and old school fans will get a thrill from the next episode preview this week.

In Summary
The show is much funnier this week, mostly on the strength of an exceptional Room of Spirit and Time, and the surreal humor it allows for. With three differing segments, people with different senses of humor should be able to find something to laugh at. Looking forward to more.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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