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Da Capo III Episode #05 Anime Review

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Da Capo III Episode 5
Da Capo III Episode 5
Sara takes the stage as she gets closer to Kiyotaka.

What They Say:
Kiyotaka has been spending a lot of time with Sara but can’t read between the lines. Even when Sara gets the chance after being locked in a storage closet, something urgent ruins the mood.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a decent sized core cast here, it’s little surprise that some characters get more attention than others. For this episode, Sara takes center stage a good bit as she’s doing what she can in the year since she came to this school to get closer to Kiyotaka. He’s always been pleasant with her and we see here how he’s a pretty good friend to her in the context of school. But she obviously wants to be a bit more and is close to expressing it, but the sudden arrival of Lulu causes things to take an awkward turn since she’s just so outgoing. And Kiyotaka reveals some of the ways she is in private which unnerves Sara a fair bit.

As the school day goes on, an amusing situation occurs wherein Sara and Kiyotaka end up trapped in a gym supply closet and can’t get out on their own. The only thing to do is sit and waiti it out until someone gets there. Kiyotaka sees it as a chance to talk while they wait and she’s pretty happy with the idea. But it also doesn’t take long for something awkward to happen, mainly that she has to go to the bathroom and simply is reaching her limit of holding it in. The whole situation is amusing to watch, especially when Himeno arrives and rescues them but has a positively evil laugh about the whole thing that should freak anyone out.

Some of the show goes for your basic school time fun, including some suggestive moments when Kiyotaka helps her with her baseball stance that’s rather cute watch. Kiyotaka continues to come across as that decent guy most people would want to hang out with and it continues to be easy to see why several girls are interested in him for different reasons. The two here are the primary focus though, with a few of the supporting characters making their nods as well to keep everyone in the loop, and it all draws back to that cherry blossom tree that has dominated the series so far. Yet as much as we get to spend time with this two, I still can’t say that we really get to know them or anything other than in a very superficial way.

In Summary:
Similar to previous episodes, there is a stronger focus on a particular character here and her connection to Kiyotaka. Sara comes across well with some nice scenes, some adorable moments and some utterly cute if contrived bits such as being locked in the storage locker with him. But as we see them both go through this moments, with other girls in his life floating in and out of the scenes, it never really drives home any serious point to it all, or makes the connection feel like it’s alive and potentially something more than we see here. It continues to be very nice and all, prettily animated and with a nice sense of pacing to it, but it’s also continuing to be very superficial when it really needs to do something significant to stand out and feel like there’s merit to the series.

Grade: C+

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