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Sentai Filmworks Acquires 2010 Anime Feature ‘Colorful’

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Sentai Filmworks has one more anime license announcement today with the news that they’ve picked up the rights to Colorful – The Motion Picture. This 2010 animated feature won several awards during its release and brought in $4 million in its theatrical distribution. Animated by studio Ascension with Sunrise working on the production, the film was directed by Keiichi Hara (Summer Days with Coo) and features a screenplay by Miho Maruo (The Dog of Flanders) with character designs by Atsushi Yamagata, sound direction by Akira Ookuma (Spirit of Wonder) and music by Ko Otani (Hakuoki).

Sentai Filmworks will be releasing the film on DVD and Blu-ray and will be dubbing the release. It will also receive digital distribution.

Plot Concept: There is a train station on the other side of death, yet not all who arrive on the platform will be judged ready for passage onwards. For one unready soul, there will be both a test and a second chance. Rather than be reborn, this soul will awake in the body of 14-year-old suicide Makoto Kobayashi where it must not only find a way to fit into Makoto’s existence, but also unravel two mysteries. What is the secret of the great sin it committed in its own previous life and what were the reasons that led to Makoto’s suicide? While some may believe the truth to be as plain to see as black and white, “Makoto” soon finds that the real world is overlaid with so many shades of grey and rainbows of colors that even the most obvious of “facts” are not what they seem. With the soul’s time in Makoto’s body quickly running out, the answers to all life’s mysteries await discovery in the acclaimed animation masterpiece that won the 34th Japanese Academy Prize for Excellence in Animation: Colorful ~ The Motion Picture.

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