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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms ‘Terminator 5’ Involvement

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TerminatorThe plans for Terminator 5 continue to roll along, as should be no surprise, as it’s a franchise that’s just hard to keep down even if Terminator: Salvation didn’t perform well in contrast to its budget. That film brought in $371 million worldwide in theatrical exhibition on a $200 million budget. Events in December put things in motion more as rights were fully secured and two features are planned via Annapurna Films. Those negotiations began back in the spring of 2011 and took nearly eighteen months to complete. While all of that was going on, some prep work was put in place as new screenwriters were announced in Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). The film at one point had Justin Lin set to direct, but he had to move on since it was going to take an age and there were other things to deal with.

While all of this is flying about, Arnold Schwarzenegger has himself confirmed that he’ll be in the feature now, which won’t have him serving as the lead/anchor to it but as a strong pivotal part. The lead is expected to be a younger and much more mobile actor to handle the action of it all. Schwarzenegger starred in the first three films with Rise of the Machines being his final film before becoming Governor of California. He wasn’t in Terminator: Salvation, at least formally, as there was a digital mashup monster style version of him that was used for it to provide some sense of continuity. His distaste for that and the movie in general isn’t hugely known but it’s not something he’s hidden either.

[Source: Bleeding Cool]

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