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Amnesia Episode #03 Anime Review

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Amnesia Episode 3
Amnesia Episode 3
Our heroine continues to have flashes from the past and learns some awkward truths in the present.

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The Review:
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With her minor injury in the previous episode that ended her back in the hospital briefly, our Heroine is at least now back home but still acting pretty spaced out, making it difficult for others to figure out what’s going on. At least with her having been in the hospital, it gives her a bit of cover in a way for being a little off since that can really affect someone. But with the problem our lead has here in that she can’t reveal anything about what happened, less the amnesia become permanent, she has to play it pretty carefully. Which isn’t her strong suit as even just making a drink and a meal at home for Towa when he makes sure that she’s there safely and recovering doesn’t exactly go well.

What becomes amusing is that as the two start talking more and more, he reveals that they’ve actually been dating for a few months. That comes as an obvious complete shock to her and he makes it clear that he gets it in that her memories are all confused, hence why she’s been distant from him. But he’s also been distant from her from the start outside of that initial kiss at the hospital, giving no clue as to their relationship. Toma sees her confusion as an opportunity to fix things in his own way, which results in some visits to familiar places to try and trigger memories while also talking about her past, and his. It sheds a bit of light on both of them, but it takes awhile to really get a sense that there is something there because of how distant Toma has been with her up until this point.

With a couple of people now knowing about our Heroine’s problem, but keeping it quiet and working to help her with the situation, her mind is focusing more on the trip now where the initial accident occurred that put her in this position. A few minor gaps start to be filled when we see her back at work and a few of the other girls, Sawa and Mine, talk about what they saw happening on the trip, which at least reinforces to her that she wasn’t imagining the whole thing. It’s the start of really exploring what went on and makes it more of a mystery, but one that still feels very off kilter in a lot of ways.

In Summary:
Three episodes in and I’m really not sure what to make of Amnesia. I dislike the approach of the lack of a name but I love all the character designs and the color palette. I hate that the cast seems to constantly wear just their overly detailed and unusual costumes. I’m interesting in the storyline overall but its approach feels very off in how it’s unfolding and revealing things, especially since it’s hampering itself through the naming convention and how so many people, such as Toma, really aren’t acting like how you’d expect them to based on what their relationship to our lead character is. There’s something potentially really good in here, but right now it’s a whole lot of rough and very little diamond to be had.

Grade: C

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