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Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #02 Anime Review

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Love Live School Idol Project Episode 2
Love Live School Idol Project Episode 2
The push to become idols to draw more students is underway, but the challenges are bigger than they expected.

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The Review:
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With a creative approach given in the opening episode in regards to saving the school by trying to mimic another school that has a huge idol track to it, it’s not a surprise that it was turned down by the administration. There are those that are curious about the whole idea though a bit further down the line of school power as once you get to the student level, they’ll be even more fervent in trying to save the school where they see their ideal life being realized. Teachers and faculty have a lot of love for the school to be sure and its meaning to them, but there’s also the reality thing that most of them face when it comes to situations like this. And seeing the students trying to add an idol project track to the curriculum to drawn in new students isn’t something that they think would work. And it’s hard to disagree with them on a number of levels.

With the girls having gotten an in to do at least something to try and start down this path, that has them doing an idol performance at the welcoming ceremony the next day. But for some of those that have signed onto this with Honoka, they aren’t exactly keen on participating on stage. Honoka is just too fired up to let it all fall apart though and works towards the practice angle and acquiring some new people to help out with the whole concept since it has to be more than just the three of them. But as one might expect, most of the school is just focused on what they’re doing in the present, namely classes and activities and general socializing. While they’re all upset that the school will close down, most feel there’s little to actually do to stop it from happening. So the trio provides the contrast to it as they look for practice space and try to figure out, well, how to be idols.

The group does expand in a few ways here and they even get a bit of tie spent at the local shrine for some prayer and spiritual guidance to help them. There’s a small but growing push among some of the students to get behind the whole thing and that helps to propel them along a bit more, especially when they start dealing with the first years in trying to get some help. While the show spends a lot of time running around with the girls, which in turn gives us a better look at the school, it does slow down where it can as well, such as when Honoka works to try and win over one girl in school to help them because of her own musical and singing background. It’s the soft approach at a time when they really need the help, but it’ll obviously all work out in the end.

In Summary:
Love Live is a show that I continue to find pleasing on the eyes and curious in terms of what it wants to do with the story, but it’s also a show that’s looking to go the slow route to success. Which is good as a lot of shows tend to say, let’s be idols, and then bam, they’re idols. Here we get the core trio running into problems of gaining support from the staff and from a number of students, but they see themselves as being in the right and work at it rather than just give up and call it a day. I still haven’t really found any of the girls themselves all that appealing in terms of personality, but we haven’t seen them really do all that much either outside of the search for more help and attempts to practice. There’s enough to like here overall if this is a genre you like, but it’s still reaching to be something more than it is right now and it’s not clear if it’ll succeed.

Grade: C+

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