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Amnesia Episode #02 Anime Review

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Amnesia Episode 2
Amnesia Episode 2
The memories are slowly returning little by little, some with very dangerous consequences.

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The Review:
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The opening episode to the series did something that in general I really don’t like in that it avoided naming our lead character. While we got the names of some of the guys, keeping her nameless fits into the game origins of the series but proves to be something difficult to really work with well in terms of storytelling. Making it so that nobody actually says her name is just awkward interaction stuff in general, but it also just weakens the show itself because it takes the ability to really personalize and connect with the character. When you remove that, you find yourself at a distance from the people involved, no matter what they go through.

While the show gave us our heroine in a bit of a pickle at the end of the last episode where she was being threatened, things seem to just blank out and is easily resolved here, though not without a touch of trouble along the way before she wakes up with her shinigami talking about how awful it was. Mostly it’s just a matter of trying to get her life back on track again while wondering if the fragment of memory that she may have unearthed can help her some. But it also comes down to the reinforcement about not talking about anything with anyone else so as to not make her situation worse. To complicate matters even more, there’s now a trip coming up that she was a part of and has to honor her committment to, which as her shinigami warns her, is a dangerous thing to go to but a necessity. It will be hard to play it natural about her memory loss while having to do so many things that should be expected while on the flip side she may discover more memory fragments in her mind this way.

As it goes on, we get these kinds of small revelations along the way as she struggles with the fragments that have surfaced while also trying to keep her cover from being blown. While with the group from the cafe out on the trip and doing the usual things you’d do, albeit while all wearing such elaborate costumes, there’s some fun as they play games and she watches through a lot of it to see how they all interact with each other. While there’s some fun to it all, it is all at a distance since it’s hard to get a handle on any of the characters involved. But it does take a darker turn as it goes on, revealing a moment where one of the men in her life revealed that he killed a man, which in turn sends her into a tailspin of her own that causes plenty of worry for others with how she reacts as it provides another flashback to the beginning of august with her in the hospital that provides a certainly unexpected wakeup call for her.

In Summary:
Amensia again proves to be a series that I want to get into but have a hell of a time doing so because of the way it’s structured. A lot of what we get here feels like a primetime drama in terms of its story idea and approach, but it’s certain key ways of presenting itself that makes it very difficult to connect with. I like the concept, the short time frame and the way that her memories are slowly coming back to her. I even really like the character designs, even if the costume designs themselves feel a bit outlandish for how they’re used more than just at work. But the lack of a name for our lead and the way they have to go the extra mile to hide it, combined with the shinigami aspect, just leave me feeling rather cold towards it when I’d otherwise find myself really getting into it. There’s such a distance between viewer and the characters that it’s hard to rally behind anyone, making it more like watching a game than being involved in the story.

Grade: C

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