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Star Wars Thursday: Resolutions Edition

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The morning after with Yoda is a day to be reckoned with.
The morning after with Yoda is a day to be reckoned with.

Welcome back to Star Wars Thursday!

With the start of the New Year, there will be a few changes to the format here each week. At least once a month, I’ll be writing a more reflective piece that branches out from something I learned through Star Wars. I’ve already thought out a few themes that go along with each month, but I’m leaving the door open for new ideas that occur to me as the year progresses. Never fear; I still intend to bring you the wacky side of Star Wars multiple times each month.

This week I, along with most of the world, have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions. So many years I make resolutions that end up broken before a single day has passed. Instead of a laundry list of musts, I decided to focus on a single word – “Balance”

As we know from the prequels, though, balance by itself isn’t always a worthy goal. I chuckle to myself every time the Jedi go on about how Anakin will bring “balance to the Force”. That didn’t work out so well for them, did it? So I spent time considering the idea of balance through the actions of some of my favorite characters from the galaxy far, far away.

Luke reminds me to balance my nervous nature with self-confidence. He never would have left Tatooine without the conviction that he could be something more than just a moisture farmer. That confidence helped him make the journey from whiny teenager to Jedi. The times he came closest to failing were when he declared that something was just “impossible”. I need to start beginning tasks with confidence, not putting them off because I’m afraid I won’t be successful.

When I look at Leia’s strengths, I’m struck by how she learns to balance self-reliance with delegating tasks to others in her team. My life work isn’t as vital as destroying an evil Empire. Even so, if I’m ever going to have time to create balance in my own life, I need to let others lend a hand. It would also help if my sons could handle doing homework without my assistance, but perhaps that will come in time.

What can Han Solo teach me about finding balance in 2013? Perhaps it is to bring out more of my rogue side? I rarely do anything impulsive. Every once in a while; I need to take a risk. (I won’t be flying into an asteroid field, though. I’m way too much like C-3PO for that.) Watching Han also reminds me to balance my schedule with some time with friends. He always makes time to hang out with his pal Chewie, even if it is just while working on the Millennium Falcon. I tried to plan more time with friends at the end of 2012, and I need to make it a priority this year.

Yoda helps me remember to eat a balanced diet. He’s green, and I need to eat more salads. What? It totally makes sense. They can’t all be so introspective.

Did you make any resolutions this year? Were any of them inspired by your favorite fandoms? Until next week – may the Force be with you!