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Magi Episode #04 Anime Review

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With the focus shifting to just Aladdin for this episode, we get some good time getting to know him better.

What They Say:
Aladdin and Alibaba are reunited at last. But the tyrannical Jamil, who doesn’t see slaves as human beings, uses Goltas to navigate around the fiery traps of the dungeon, and soon catches up to them.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a rather fun little adventure in the dungeon that we had in the previous two episodes, the series showed off its style pretty well and the kind of action and adventure that it wanted to have. Getting a good mix of mild humor, great looking animation and some very engaging set designs that aren’t the anime norm, Magi provided something that, if awkward at times, was definitely worth checking out. Strangely though, it separated up Aladdin and Alibaba in the previous episode which made me wonder if it would shift to other co-leads as it goes forward. Thankfully, that’s not the case as things open with him here in a moment of quite that’s only shaken by the arrival of Morgiana.

Aladdin for his part is off elsewhere after those events and is just enjoying a different exploration of life that’s really fun to watch. He’s ended up with a group of people out in the open fields of the country as he continues his journey of exploration. They’ve taken nicely to him, though they’re a bit surprised when he uses a little bit of his djinn powers out in the open. The nomadic aspect of the tribe is nicely handled and it provides for some good downtime for Aladdin and an exploration of what life in this time and place is like. It also speaks to Aladdin’s own past as there are very clear references made along the way that this tribe really is a family and that’s something that he’s been without for his entire life.

While Aladdin gets to enjoy all of this, it’s not something that stays peaceful for long. The Kou empire wants to unify the lands more and bring these people into the fold. Some are more amicable about it from Kou, wanting real peace and relations, while others can only view the nomads as barbarians. Naturally, events have to get a bit out of control here as we get the different sides that want to do the right thing and it leads to a skirmish to say the least as the tribe feels as though they’re being subjugated. We do get some quiet time for Aladdin that works well, but it also moves towards the action in the right way and utilizes Aladdin with it just right. Keeping Aladdin out of it directly, at least for now, definitely gives it the right feeling.

In Summary:
Magi gives us an episode that focuses largely on Aladdin as we see him trying to find his place a bit more in the world and seeing what’s out there while on his journey. But what it really does, and does well, is to show that he’s not going to be someone that’s going to save the day in each episode with whatever it is that’s being faced. The tribe that gets into a scuffle with the Kou empire here does what needs to be done themselves, without even asking him for any help. There’s a lot to like with this part of the story, but also a lot to enjoy with seeing how Aladdin gets to immerse himself into this tribe for at least a little while as he gets to experience something like a family. For someone like Aladdin, it’s hugely important.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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