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Hayate The Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Episode #05 Anime Review

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Does Maria ever do anything wrong at all?

What They Say:
Hayate is forced into a situation his only viable option is to do something illegal, unethical, and unbecoming. After being called a Mom like figure to Nagi, Maria goes to the source on information regarding Nagi’s father. less

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the show working its charms as it can over the first four episodes, there’s been a distinct lack of Nagi for me in the series for the most part. She had a strong first episode and some time with the arrival of a mysterious sister, but Nagi has felt like she’s been shuttled to the background more than usual. With this episode, she takes on more of a lead character role here in working with Hayate as she’s completely frustrated by Maria and the way she’s so motherly with her and making her do what needs to be done, no matter how little she wants to do it.

With Maria having been the perfect maid to help keep Nagi on the straight and narrow (relatively speaking), Nagi’s intent on discovering things that Maria does that she shouldn’t be. So she uses her position to get Hayate to spy on her, which is actually a lot of fun. Maria’s never been a favorite but I liked her well enough, so getting to see her going through her shopping day here while Hayate stalks her to find something that she does that Nagi can get all superior about works nicely. Maria’s just a lot of fun to watch with this since her shopping takes her all over the place and she comes across as such a very happy person. At least until insinuations are made that she’s so good at being a mother figure for Nagi that gives hint that she’s old enough to actually be her mother.

Unfortunately, the show loses a bit of its momentum in the second half as a few people show up while he’s out and try to pull a dine and dash on him, stiffing him with the bill. It’s not something that he lets them get away with though and does his best to make sure he’s not the one that pays for them. Where it goes even more off kilter is when there’s a robbery inside the restaurant, Deathney’s, and the four of them become hostages. This awkward turn is amusing in some ways, such as the mask the robber uses, but it turned around quickly by using him as a reason to really get the dine and dash method to work in their favor in a big way as everyone screws each othr over so as to not be the last one there.

In Summary:
Hayate starts off with a promise of more Nagi but that ends up falling apart quickly as it goes in completely opposite directions. The first half lets Maria have a good bit of time to herself while being observed and again makes her a character that I really like and wish we had more of. She gets fleshed out a bit here in a way that’s just creepy enough with Hayate stalking her for Nagi. The second half takes some time before it gets going, doing the whole restaurant robbery idea, but as it deals with the dine and dash more with some creative escapes, it managed to redeem itself with that and some of the in-joke nods towards other popular anime shows.

Grade: B-

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