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Questioning Fandom: When The Power Goes Out

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As the Frankenstorm continues to move up the eastern seaboard, events are moving quickly there with the power of the storm and the impact that it has. More and more news reports talk about the growing intensity of the storm and its wind power, so the expected number of people without power is only going to rise. Reality may be different, but most of us have been through storms and other events that cause the power to go out at one time or another.

Being based in the northeast, we tend to get decent springs and summers but it’s fall and winter where most of out meteorological damage comes in where we can lose power. Last year we had the freakish Halloween snowstorm that was almost a comedy if not for the problems it cause. The year before that we had a lot of the area down due to heavy ice in late 2010 that took down numerous trees and power lines.

Both of those storms reminded me of something I had forgotten for some time. I need to have good stuff on hand to do while the power is out. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to get some of the devices recharged even when the power is out (time to go sit in the warm car for a bit and charge ’em!), but I’ve found that I prefer to not use my devices since there’s that emergency mindset in the back of my head. In the last couple of years, I keep a good stack of graphic novels near the bed so there’s some variety of things to read while staying warm. We’ve got a bunch of board games ready as well should things go south and we want to do something during the daylight hours.

And yes, if I’m desperate, I’ll hit the 3G and stream some anime. Cause you know you need your fix.

So what do you do when the power goes out and you want to entertain yourself or family and friends for awhile? Especially when you’re completely done talking with other people!

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