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My Little Monster Episode #05 Anime Review

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Haru coming up with “night plans” for him and Shizuku certainly should scare people.

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The Review:
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My Little Monster has moved quickly through a lot of the normal courtship aspects of anime series where the guy makes his play, or the girl in many cases, but it takes the whole series – if ever – to get things to a point where they actually admit that they like each other. Here, things are just moving right along, confessions of love to different degrees have been made and Haru is now trying to figure out what kind of night time activities he can get going with Shizuku. It’s pretty refreshing to see this since its often shown that the male lead is generally pretty impotent and sex doesn’t cross his mind other than to embarrass them. Here, Haru comes across as a young man who wants to get busy with someone that he really likes a lot, both personality and physicality.

While that serves as the initial launch point, and some fun at school where people realize that the two of them spent some real time together this summer, there’s more of an exploration of family in this one in a way. Haru’s older brother Yuzan comes into play more as he spends soe time with Shizuku to get to know her and it helps to suss her out a bit on her feelings for him. But there’s a bigger goal in Yuzan’s mind as he wants Haru to come back home and live with him and their father, who after kicking him out some time ago now wants him back. And that’s what Yuzan has been told to do, but he’s having a hell of a time doing it since Haru his a profound dislike for his brother and keeps his distance. You can see how he wants to tweak the situation with Shizuku to achieve his own goal.

When Haru catches wind of this, literally landing on the scene, he gets right between the two of them. But there’s just enough going on here that he’ll actually listen to what Yuzan has to say. Their father’s goals are pretty conflicting in a way, since we don’t know much about him, and Haru seems to give in to things surprisingly easily. This situation puts a bit of a strain on the relationship between the two, with Haru upset she spent some time with Yuzan while she sees him as now potentially leaving, truly, in a way that she hadn’t imagined before. She’s fallen hard for him, unsure why in some ways, but really and truly. And the thought of losing him, even if it means he gets to reconnect with a family that he may not like, is something that definitely unsettles her. It makes for a complicated relationship between the two, but it brings about the whole “if you love someone, set them free” mindset.

In Summary:
My Little Monster is a show that has definitely started strong in a way and brought some interesting aspects of the standard story quick and hard to them. With it now being five episodes in, you do start to wonder where it’ll really go. Getting some background on what Haru’s home life was like helps and we get a further cementing of just how Shizuku wants to proceed when it comes to winning over Haru. There’s something really good about seeing her so intent on winning him over, putting in the effort and seeing if she can change his mind to gain the love she wants, that you have to admire it since it doesn’t get comically creepy or disturbing. We also start to want to learn more about Haru’s past and how Yuzan’s bringing of a deal of sorts to Haru will really impact things. And where will the rooster go?

Grade: B-

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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