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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #17 Anime Review

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The fights continue and Yuuya manages to pull an amusing save at the last minute.

What They Say:
The Blue Flag exercises are in full swing, and America shows off its Raptor and its advanced stealth technology, but after the fight, Yuuya finds himself running from the MPs in the city after the Scarlet Twins tell him they need to talk to him urgently…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With a little more of the truth out of the way now for the viewer in regards to the Blue Flag exercises with what the Russians want out of it, it’s all starting to make a bit more sense as a forceful power play. One that, politically speaking, is just hard to imagine working well since if they demonstrate a significant advantage and power, it’s just going to redouble the efforts of everyone else in a quasi-arms race of sorts. But the general idea is one that does make sense in a very simple way where strength by show of force against comrades can kowtow enough people to their side and give the Russians even more advantage.

With the Blue Flag exercises running, we do see thta Yuuya is doing pretty well overall and is surprising some with what he’s able to pull off. He’s worried about the American forces and even warns the Bao Fang group to not be quite so cocky against them since he has some xperience with those pilots. But even with his warnings, he’s feeling pretty intense on showing off exactly what his group of TSF’s can do, both machine and pilots, as he doesn’t intend to go down without a significant fight to say the least. The exercises go pretty well and, though they’re briefer than I’d care for when you get down to it, there’s a lot to like with the action and choreography of it all.

In between the matches, we do get some decent character material. The show actually opens with a flashback sequence of the Scarlet Twins that’s intriguing with how they were brought into fruition. But we also see with Cryska that she’s coping with some serious issues about how she and Iria are being affected by Yuuya, not knowing the meaning of the impact and feelings that come from being close to him and knowing him. The show has some interesting points to make here and again showcases Yuuya out and about with different people which brings out different parts of not just himself but others as well. It doesn’t make a huge change to anything, but an incremental bit of character exploration that’s pretty nicely done.

In Summary:
While the show ends with a weird twist related to the military police and a fight that breaks out, which puts Yuuya and the others on the run, the majority of the show is pretty well done. I liked the action with the big of the Blue Flag exercises we get and I liked the material with Cryska, Iria and Yuuya that comes to light, both in the background information and the present time spent together as Cryska tries to figure out what all these emotions and feelings are. There’s some interesting material to explore with how those two were raised and set to the task of fighting for their motherland and we’ve gotten some decent looks at it. This time we get just enough more of it to get a better handle on it and why it’s such an issue for Cryska in particular. The show does take kind of a lull here overall, but hopefully things will ramp up again as it moves towards the finale that’s still quite a few episodes away.

Grade: B

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