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Hiiro No Kakera Season 2 Episode #05 Anime Review

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The fighting continues as does the angst and sadness as Tamaki has fewer and fewer guardians.

What They Say:
A guardian banned, another can’t be trusted. Tamakai’s circle of trust is crumbling while Logos is growing in power.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It’s certainly turned into a sorry state of affairs for Tamaki as we’ve seen what’s unfolded this season. They show is making much hay of the betrayal that happened which has Ohmi going to Logos while another is just in a position of being untrustworthy, even though he’s claiming what he did was for the best and he only had certain ideals behind it at heart. Even worse in some ways is that Takuma is getting more and more out of control with his powers and he’s distrusting himself in a big way, which makes him unreliable at a time when Tamaki needs everyone she has. Yuichi is the one that’s really come around in a great way here, becoming more prominent and reliable in a way that would have felt forced otherwise.

The episode gives us some very good action right out of the gate that again continues to be one of the high points of the show. The two sides are continuing to go against each other, but there are little differences now, especially since Ohmi won’t let the Logos guys get too hands on with his former friends by killing them. But that movement on his part at one point doesn’t do much to enamor him more with the rank and file of Logos, instead just making it clearer and clearer that he’s not one of them. On the flip side, we see Tamaki being forced to realize that she’s responsible not just for herself but for all of the Guardians as her grandmother berates her for being focused in the way she is. There’s some interesting differences to how each side is being portrayed that drives it home well.

A lot of the episode deals with some of the settling of issues in a way as Baba spends her time trying to make sure everyone understands what it is that’s gone on. Speaking with the guardians, she makes it clear to the two that remain while Takuma is away that their job is simple and clear. But with the distrust there, it can go only so far in a way since the tensions are hard to push away. While Yuichi does get a good bit of focus here, it also delves into Shinji a bit with the way all the pressure is pushing and getting to him, making the whole situation very, very difficult for the young man. There’s a somber feeling to much of the episode as everyone gets into their roles in the current configuration of the series, but there’s still that edge of hope in there, even with Tamaki, even as she worries that all of it has gone so badly that there’ll be no recovering.

In Summary:
In some ways, Hiiro no Kakera’s second season has become pretty depressing. The show certainly had those moments before, but with the way it’s unfolding here, everything comes across as oppressive and with little hope. I like that the group has been splintered like it has and is facing these challenges, especially in how Yuichi is really stepping up with it. But the fracturing can go on for only so long before it’s hard to pull all the pieces back together to be properly unified in the face of the enemy. Logos for its part isn’t doing completely wonderful either as we see some of the problems unfolding there and that helps to balance it some, but the show as a whole is just getting a little too depressing.

Grade: B-

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