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Space Brothers Episode #30 Anime Review

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The launch is here, but will everyone be there to see it?

What They Say:
It’s finally the day of the launch, but the weather doesn’t look good. On top of that, Apo’s run off, so Mutta has to go find him. While searching for Apo, Mutta comes across a suspicious old man.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With e launch inching ever closer, the show made the unusual turn in the previous episode to have Apo running away, sort of. The whole idea boggles Mutta when you get down to it from what he knows of Hibito’s adorable pug, but we did see that there was more to it with one of the kids we saw previously freeing him up. That puts Mutta in a bit of a panic since his primary mission at the moment is to take care of him while Hibito is off making history on the moon. The show opens well with a great little look at Apo that really makes me smile as he runs through all of the dogs positive and negative attributes, all while having a strong dash of real love to it.

The search for Apo isn’t one that takes all that long overall, since the general idea is that he may be heading towards the launch pad in order to see Hibito. With Mutta managing to catch up to him quickly enough, it turns more into a race against time in order to see the launch itself. He lucks out into coming into contact with someone in a van who knows a spot on place to watch the launch, being a NASA employee himself and, as we see from his card, a pilot instructor as well. It plays up the quirky old white guy NASA employee angle fairly well without going over the top with it. The idea that someone whose been around for an age knows the best places to see things happen makes a lot of sense. And he gets to show Hibito a real bit of history.

The second half of the episode deals with a lot of that time the two spend together and it has a lot of appeal in a way since they’re in the midst of some real history. But the two men separate at this location, each having their own preference for what kind of vantage they want to have of history in the making. And that history in the making is executed very well here as we get the slow but steady movement of Hibito and the crew getting ready, suiting up and getting into the command module for the launch. The countdown is certainly tense enough and seeing it unfold is a thing of beauty. The way that Mutta ends up watching it and the expression on his face as it reveals itself, moment by moment, is perfect.

In Summary:
Space Brothers has a good episode overall here, but parts of it just come across as more drawn out than it needs to be. The series is not one that rushes itself to be sure, and I don’t expect something like this to be rushed, but the second half with the launch just needed a bit more tension in its pacing. And the first half has its moments with the focus on Apo, but I’m also glad that it wasn’t something that was overly drawn out when you look at the details of it. It’s an amusing idea to play with, but it’s counterintuitive to the way the series has operated, so cutting it short was definitely the right way to go. Where the show goes from here has me excited since we now have so many more possibilities open to us in terms of storytelling with Hibito making his way out into space.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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