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Site Status Update: Hurricane Sandy Edition

2 min read

Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide a heads-up here for readers. As those of you in North America know, there’s a significant storm coming up the coast, lovingly called Frankenstorm, which is set to make its drastic turn inward in the northeast and hit us pretty hard. That’s all planned for late tonight and into Monday with carryover effects into Tuesday.

This time last year, we were getting the same warnings for the most part, but it was a brutal October surprise snowstorm that landed. We’re not getting that this time, but there’s a lot of rain, a huge amount of wind expected and plenty of damage to come. Our servers are lovingly located out west (fault lines!) so we’re not expecting any problems there and it seems like our slowdowns from last week have been largely resolved as we backed out some software updates that did not play well with us.

But we wanted to note that, if there are no updates for a day or two, it’s likely because our area of Massachusetts is without power. We had a significant ice storm back in 2010 that hit us and took us out for a couple of days, but it was instructive for the region to adapt to how weather patterns are changing here in the northeast and watching the preparation for this one shows that the new laws enacted, coverage and communication is already much better than before. So I suspect even if we’re out for a bit, it won’t be too awful long.

Knock on wood.

We’ll be updating the site as often as we can when we have power, so no worries there. We’ll look forward to seeing everyone on the other side. If you’re in the region or the path of the storm, stay safe and be smart about it!