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One Piece Episode #570 Anime Review

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The epilogue continues with hints of what’s to come.

What They Say:
While the Straw Hats were undergoing their intensive training, major upheavals on the land have led to shocking changes in the Navy! Jimbei shares the story while elsewhere in the palace, a loose end remains that may spell doom for Shirahoshi!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the Straw Hats having won victory over Hordy and saved the day, the majority of the previous episode was a mix of epilogue material and celebration. The celebration side is actually just a touch annoying to me since it’s made all the more drawn out since they have Brook on board with his singing and musical ability, so they provide more montage scenes for a lot of it. On the flip side, we got some very great little teases from Robin and Neptune as we learn that Shirahoshi has the potential to become the new Poseidon, which while problematic for a variety of reasons, does offer some potential help for Luffy down the line if the relationship between the two is maintained and he can count on her as a highly valued friend.

With this episode, we do get more epilogue material but it’s morphing into material for what’s to come next as we get background material. Useful material as Jimbei talks about some of the early stories about a few Navy Admirals, such as Sengoku and Akainu and how they ended up having the first real duel between Admirals because of their dislike for each other. There’s also some exploration of how events unfolded after the battle of Marineford with the loss of Whitebeard and the makeup of the Four Emperors now on the pirates side that controls a lot of things. Jimbei gives it all the proper weight with how Blackbeard has gained a lot of power and position and he makes it quiet serious, which of course means that Luffy is just more interested in eating, though he and the others are all listening rather intently.

The episode isn’t without a bit of action though as Shirahoshi gets threatened a bit by someone we haven’t seen in a bit, a particular treasure thief, but it’s something that’s dealt with rather soundly and without serious problem. Amusingly, it opens up a new avenue for the Straw Hats, lead by Nami’s nature, as she learns that most of the treasures in the palace were stolen but Neptune has no real desire to get them back. He’s far more interested in keeping the Island safe and dealing with his people. You can see the money signs flash in front of Nami’s eyes, especially since Neptune says she can keep whatever she recovers since he really doesn’t care.

In Summary:
Interestingly, while that looks like it could be a fun path to take, Jimbei learns that there’s some bad things going down with those from Hordy’s upper crew that were captured. Seeing that they’re all old and decrepit definitely makes an impact on him as it’s even impacted Hordy significantly. Getting that bit of closure from the steroids they were taking is definitely good as you needed to see the real crash side of it and its results. Making the drug a new part of the story and something that can draw in the Straw Hats for a potential adventure definitely makes for a different angle to take, but one that certainly makes sense because of the way it can be abused and cause so much more trouble. One Piece has an interesting episode overall, but it’s filled more with potential than real action, which lessens its impact some as you want to know where things will really go next and get going on it.

Grade: B

Streamed By: FUNimation

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