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Moyashimon Episode #06 – 08 Anime Review

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It’s Miss Agricultural University and her beautiful friends vs. our desperate lonely heroes in a Spring Festival Seduction Battle for the ages!

What They Say
Episode 6: “Enchanting! Miss Agricultural University” – Mutou Aoi once held the title of Miss Agricultural University, but after returning on foot from a long trip with a bag full of fermented foods on her back, she’s lost much of her feminine appeal. She’s ready to take it easy now that she’s back in Japan, but Sawaki spots a microbe on her that turns out to be one of Asia’s top 5 causes of food poisoning!

Episode 7: “The Agricultural University Spring Festival Begins!” – The spring festival, an event sponsored by a shady-looking team in black bodysuits, the agricultural society, separates students from the outside world and forces them to live by the university’s code of “Self-Sufficiency.” Until someone solves the mystery of the agricultural society’s rules, the festival will never end…

Episode 8: “The Battle to Capture the Main Gate” – It’s the last day of the spring festival. Kawahama and Misato are on a mission to obtain the aphrodisiacs developed by Professor Itsuki, and the student-run dorm launches an offensive to strike the agricultural society at their weakest point. Sawaki survives the vicious battle and finds himself facing the gigantic boss of the agricultural society…

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
You might call it the “Spring Festival Arc” or the “Seduction Arc”, but “Fanservice Arc” would do just as well. With the introduction of campus beauty Aoi Mutou and the attempt of the boys to get with their female friends, the sex appeal of these three episodes is cranked up a notch. Things are kept tasteful enough, and the conclusion is amusing enough, however, to where it doesn’t feel tacky and exploitative. It just feels honest to the “ideal college experience” that Moyashimon is trying to cultivate.

The first episode of the three introduces Aoi Mutou, another female microbiology student who is actually quite beautiful when not covered in skinky fermented slime. Mutou decides to change from her gross winter clothes into a cheerleader outfit for some reason, but unfortunately remains a host to 5 especially dangerous foodborne illness microbes until she’s sprayed down by the rest of the gang in hazmat suits.

Mutou’s not given much time to be developed before the Spring Festival starts, but we learn she’s an industrious student by the way she’s able to identify the dangerous flu-strain-creating atmosphere of the UFO club. We also learn a bit about her past in that her boyfriend left her, and she’s decided to blame aliens for this instead of facing the truth. Her quirk is her pathetic alcoholism, and although it seems like she’s been added in just to get a third girl introduced, she shows more potential in later episodes.

Then comes the two-part Spring Festival arc, in which the school is basically taken over by the Agricultural Society in a way to test the school’s self sufficiency. The gates are locked, and everyone is trapped on campus. The only way for everyone to return home, apparently, is to pop the balloons on the heads of Agricultural Society members. All the while, though, the Agricultural Society is attempting to attack other students and steal all of the money-like “agri” coupons that they’ve purchased.

Misato, Kawahama, and Sawaki don’t seem social enough for this type of activity, but Professor Itsuki has come up with a plan to encourage their participation: He’ll sell them aphrodisiacs if they can come up with enough money. Before they’ve earned a single agri, they’ve already decided on how they’re going to split up Oikawa, Hasegawa, and Mutou. Now they just have to figure out a way to beat the Agricultural Society at their own game.

The anarchic feeling of these episodes is a joy, and there’s a lot of great moments: Seeing all of the girls dressed up in Hasegawa’s S&M wear, watching the guys confess that Hasegawa is intended as a target for the aphrodisiacs, and of course the way the boys decide to beat the Agricultural Society and win the day. But the best part is seeing how the aphrodisiacs work out for Misato and Hasegawa, and Oikawa and Mutou. Great character moments like these make Moyashimon a fun and memorable series.

In Summary
What could have been a throwaway fanservice arc like a beach episode or fashion show is redeemed by being authentically hilarious, unexpectedly honest, and actually sexy. It’s anime at the top of its game, and its a shame more series can’t get the formula to work this exceptionally well.

Grade: A

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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