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Magi Episode #03 Anime Review

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Will Alibaba manage to clear the dungeon?

What They Say:
Aladdin and Alibaba are reunited at last. But the tyrannical Jamil, who doesn’t see slaves as human beings, uses Goltas to navigate around the fiery traps of the dungeon, and soon catches up to them.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With an amusing if kind of strangely paced and plotted dungeon crawling episoide previously, Aladdin and Alibaba now find themselves outside. Or so they think at first as there is a mssive city sprawled out in front of them with bright blue skies and clouds. But there’s also hints of a dome along the top that hints at it being some kind of strange sealed city. And it’s also a city where there’s nobody around at all, giving it quite the eerie feeling overall. Seeing the wonder of it all is quite well done as there’s some great detail to it and the flow of the initial exploration works well. But it also shifts to action and danger quickly when they investigate a prticular building, only to have Jamil show up with his slave girl to take them out.

Jamil’s intent on having his satisfaction with all of this and puts Alibaba to the sword as best as he can. But as we see, Jamil is getting more and more frantic while Alibaba moves with a lot of ease and grace, both offensively and defensively. What’s helping him at this point is that he still has Morgiana with him and she’s doing what a proper slave does, no matter how much she may hate it. But she does it without whine, drama or emotion, which is a welcome change of pace. What helps to shift the balance of events here though is that Aladdin wakes up after being knocked out earlier and uses his magic to try and change the situation, something that just excites Jamil all the more since he sees nothing but pure potential and profit from the young man and what he has.

Where it gets even more interesting though is when in the middle of everything, a different djinn appears that resides in this area, one with an actual head. It turns into a powerful moment as the newly introduced Amon figures out what’s going on with the help of Aladdin’s djinn doing a bit of gesticulation to get his point across. While the show does go in an expected direction, it does have some good fun with Alibaba excited to have actually cleared the dungeon and gained some treasure while we also see a beginning of the swaying going on when it comes to Morgiana. She’s been an interesting one to watch in the show so far as there’s real conflict about her place in the world but also just a lot of beat in subservience.

In Summary:
Magi has a pretty good episode here overall even if the series as a whole just feels a little off in some ways. What we get is a good bit of exploration and majesty of the world, some very fun action and a change to the status quo as Aladdin and Alibaba come to terms with things. Alibaba continues to be the main draw for me as he has a fun personality and carries himself well and definitely proves to be more interesting than Aladdin overall. But Morgiana is surpassing Aladdin as well simply because of his quiet nature and the little that we know about him. What this episode does is to sew up the opening arc in a decent way while including another djinn to check out while we see Aladdin’s in action a bit as well. The show continues to be primarily carried by its anime and theme for me at the moment but I keep seeing these flashes of greatness that has me hooked.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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