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FUNimation Reduces Price On ‘Toriko’ Anime DVD Significantly, Trailer & Casting Released

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Price changes between solicitation and release aren’t common, but they do happen and they’re generally well received. A new one popped up today as Right Stuf has confirmed that the price for Toriko Part 1 has been reduced from the solicited $64.98 to $39.98, which has the set on their site priced down to $23.99 with their discounts. Toriko has not been solicited to other mainstream retailers yet as Amazon does not carry it for example, but it’s expected that when it does show up that it will reflect the new pricing. The bilingual DVD set is due out on January 8th, 2013.

  • Cedre- David Trosko
  • Coco – Jarrod Greene
  • Cruppo- Heather Walker
  • Gido – Anthony Bowling
  • Grinpatch- Chris Rager
  • Joe Joe- Brad Venable
  • Johannes- Robert McCollum
  • Komatsu- Josh Grelle
  • Mansom- Brian Mathis
  • Match- Jason Douglas
  • Mokkoi- Douglass Burks
  • Narrator- Chris Guerrero
  • Rin – Leah Clark
  • Setsuno- Juli Erickson
  • Starjun- Scott Freeman
  • Sunny- Aaron Roberts
  • Tina – Morgan Garrett
  • Toriko – Ian Sinclair
  • Uumen- Christopher R. Sabat
  • Zongeh- Bryan Massey

Plot Concept: The world is full of deliciously deadly ingredients that the wealthiest appetites in existence can’t wait to devour. That’s where Toriko comes in handy. This legendary Gourmet Hunter can be hired to track down the rarest animals on the planet and put them on a plate! With each new conquest, he moves closer to completing his Full Course Menu of Life!