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Toriko Episode #75 Anime Review

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Bet you can’t guess where the new character introduced here gets his name/inspiration from! But seriously, an enjoyable bridge-gap episode that doesn’t fulfill its potential completely.

What They Say:
The devastating power of Death Falls sends Sunny into a flashback where he reflects on the days spent battling beasts and honing his instincts on the Road of Three Hells.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Starting off we get Toriko attempting to pierce the Falls with a Leg Knife and a newly minted 18-fold Spiked Punch. After Toriko’s attacks fail to pierce the falls but manage to keep our crew protected, Sunny has a flashback to his first meeting with Guemon at the Road of Three Hells. This is a nice segment because Guemon is another extremely quirky character whose behavior and personality bring out more than a few genuine chuckles when juxtaposed against Sunny’s serious demeanor. From here we begin the basic pattern of the episode. After the brief flashback we move back to the falls where Sunny shows off another new move that helps them move further into the falls. They don’t break through the Falls but just advance a little bit. We then move back to another flashback showing a portion of Sunny’s training.

The training segments aren’t particularly ground breaking as it’s a somewhat standard ‘Zen-style’ approach to how Sunny can become more powerful. The scene is still rewarding just because we get to see Sunny the Tsundere broken down a few notches; which adds volumes to his character development. We are shown a side of Sunny that we haven’t experienced before. This simple gesture takes this vain, boastful, powerful character and makes him more relatable and a little less overbearing. Then again, we are just now getting the flip-side to his tsundere personality which is something to be expected with that character trope. Take that as you may, it still doesn’t diminish the efforts of this segment. The episode finishes out returning to the team at Death Falls, we just get a few words from Sunny that ignite a new ambition in Toriko, who prepares to “use his instincts” with an 18-fold twin Spiked Punch! But of course that must wait till next week.

In Summary:
We get a little bit of a weaker episode this week in regards to the actual story going on, but it’s still quite strong in what it aims for and achieves. Sunny’s training flashbacks are fun for the most part and introduce another terrific character into the Toriko world. But it’s still training and as with most training segments begins to bog itself down with repetition while we slowly see Sunny begin to understand and improve. There were worse ways we could’ve spent the episode so the bits of character development and comedy are greatly appreciated but let’s hope for stronger, more focused episodes moving forward.

Grade: B

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