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Polar Bear Cafe Episode #28 Anime Review

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Is it time to rename it to the Panda Cafe?

What They Say:
Panda gives Polar Bear the day off and Full-Time Panda invites Rin Rin out for drinks and advice.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the fun of the baseball match and other silliness now past us, we’ve gotten to see the group as a whole try to work together. Not that they did it all that well, but they did try and have some fun with it. With this episode, we get another bit of species bending going on as Polar Bear takes on the role of Panda for the day to get some time away from the cafe for awhile. It’s a cute idea, especially since Polar Bear gets into it pretty well with the coloring he needs and even wearing the little purse that Panda always wears. What he can’t change is his wordplay puns though as it even gets him into trouble with the police.

In the end, it’s all about getting away for awhile and after abandoning his plan to be a panda for a bit, he heads off with Grizzly for a car trip. The real fun though is having Panda take over working in the cafe for the day, complete with him wearing the same kind of wrap as Polar Bear. Of course, he needs a crate to stand on in order to do the job. Penguin’s reaction is kind of priceless though when he comes in as there’s a sort of resigned nature about it in seeing Panda take on the role. While it’s a little awkward at first, it works out pretty well as it goes on and the cafe does decently while Polar Bear gets the break he needs. Everyone seems to win, though not without some humor along the way.

The second half shifts gears a bit in an unusual way as we get Full Time Panda seeking advince from Rin Rin of all people. He gets him to come out for drink with all the other salaryman through a bit of trickery as Rin Rin thought it was going to be with just Panda. Naturally, there are disturbing parts about Rin Rin that come to light and it kind of makes Full Time Panda feel even worse about things. In the end, it gets instructive for Full Time Pand as he realizes he’s being overshadowed by Panda so he gets Rin Rin to come up with ways to be more appealing at the zoo. Which is hard since he’s kind of lazy and tired in general, but it leads to some very comical bits along the way.

In Summary:
After the show had that awkward middle part in the previous episode, I was glad to see that it didn’t return here and we had the more standard two part story. The first part is a good bit of fun as Panda takes over the cafe for a bit for Polar Bear as he goes off to take a break and we see just how bad Panda is at this kind of business. The flip side in focusing on Full Time Panda for the second half works really well as we see him realize he’s gotten too comfortable and lazy at his job and wants to do things better, and to actually get some of the rewards of it. While Rin Rin may not be the best person to help, he does do it honestly enough and it’s fun to see this side of him come into play. It’s a cute episode overall but certainly not one of the stronger ones.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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