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Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Reboot Review

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Things are about to go up a level by a huge magnitude.

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Building on aspects of the first half of the season and a really fun episode on Earth, Hal ended up becoming part of the Honor Guard. It’s an interesting position since it’s a Green Lantern member whose sector is all the sectors as they have jurisdiction everywhere. This gets Hal back into space pretty quickly, which works well considering the way his love life was falling apart and how Guy ended up taking on the role of the GL of Earth pretty well. Things are a little neat and tidy to be sure, but that’s how these things kind of go. While I would have liked more Earth based adventures for awhile, I’m loving the science fiction side of it with all the space travel.

And it gets moving quickly here as he teams up with Tomar Re to investigate a place that’s been discovered which it turns out is exactly like the secret compound found on Earth, right down to having the trio of Manhunters in there. That’s just the start though as there are more than just those three there. This gets the Guardians to go along with his plan to get some force together to try and hunt down the controlling force. This allows Hal, as he says, to get the band back together. The Interceptor is actually given over with permission this time (sans Aya as a new operating system is installed) and he gets to add Kilowog as well. Kilowog’s big is actually a lot of fun as Hal gets to do a little match against Ch’p and Ch’p really gets to show just how awesome he is. Style and substance!

Getting Aya back is a fun part of the show as well, though there’s some uncomfortable aspects as to why the Guardians would want to eliminate her. The rescue bit is filled with silly fun, and a few “sad” Green Lantern Corps characters that rarely get their due, but it helps to propel things forward once Tomar Re rejoins them and shows them a lead worth pursuing. That lead’s an amusingly dangerous one as they end up in a seemingly literal Manhunter graveyard, except nothing seems to really keep them down, no matter how rusty and out of sorts they are. It’s a good fight sequence overall, especially since Tomar Re brings a little variety to the mix and having a trio of skilled Lantern’s operating together definitely works well. The truth about the bunker is nicely handled and it all works well towards expanding what’s going on by giving us an action filled investigation.

In Summary:
Green Lantern: The Animated Series covers a lot of ground here, almost too much in some ways as it just feels like it’s doing a bit too much. The end result though is that things move fast, are engaging to watch and shifts the story forward full throttle with a big Anti-Monitor appearance at the end where he’s just a bit too full of exposition about his plans. The power scale and plans are important though so that we get to see just what he’s capable of and it ends in a very, very big way that could be an incredibly fun ride depending on what they really do. While I liked bringing Guy in before and shifting to Earth, I’m definitely feeling much more comfortable with this show in space, with Kilowog and Aya as well as bringing in Tomar Re. Now if we can just get Razer back, even for a little bit….

Grade: B+