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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #14 Anime Review

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Yuuya’s final moments are here as the BETA are ready to just roll right over him.

What They Say:
Yuuya is forced to flee as the BETA overwhelm the base and the Russian bombers advance.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the Russian base arc, we’ve gotten to see a good deal of power and bloodshed as the two sides have gone it. While things were impressive in the first major battle, especially when Yuuya got to use the secret cannon, events since then have been even more impressive. The hands on dealings with the BETA by him within the base as they run amok over it has been really engaging to watch, especially now that he and his mecha are down to its last minutes with what it’s capable of and the whole unit is just covered in blood from it all. There’s something almost primal about it, but most of it comes from Yuuya himself inside as he refuses to back down.

Lucky for him, Latroya and the group she’s with have landed in the base and saved him from immediate harm, but there’s still a lot more to deal with overall. The timing couldn’t be better and worse overall either, as Yuuya is realizing the BETA are all converging on where he lost the CM module and the Russian forces are about to have their bomber wing over the place so they can completely annihilate everything. And they do attempt to, causing quite a lot of destruction as they basically attack their own people along the way. But everything turns to chaos when some rare BETA show up that use lasers out of their eyes and anything that’s even a hair too high in the air starts getting whacked at by them.

While part of the focus turns on just getting Yuuya out of the area and safely back with his comrades, Latroya focuses on doing what must be done which is to deal with the Laser class BETA that have shown up, something that will result in some serious losses to do a necessary job. Having Latroya doing a lot of this on her own is a little out of place, but it fits her mindset with what she wants to accomplish, even though others in her squad will come back to back her up when things get tougher. Seeing the enemy she’s up against is certainly interesting and should lead to a good fight once the show gets around to it, but it’s all done off screen and as an epilogue dialogue piece. Combining that with the events going on with the BETA themselves certainly gives the whole area a hugely dangerous feeling.

In Summary:
With a bit of an extended background epilogue brought into play after the credits here, the main episode works well but does feel a little rushed when we get towards the end of it since we don’t get much of Latroya’s fight. The main thrust of the episode is good though as we see what Yuuya is facing, the help he gets and the shift in the Russian TSF team with what they have to do. While the episode has a lot of things it can do, it doesn’t follow through on all of them and that leaves you feeling a bit hollow. I certainly wanted more of the Laser Class BETA and the fight with Latroya, as well as a good reunion piece when Yuuya returned to the base. Alas, that’s not meant to be.

Grade: B-

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