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Green Lantern: The Animated Series – The New Guy Review

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The Manhunter threat has come to Earth, but the real threat may be a replacement Green Lantern.

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The New Guy

The Review:
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After a solid ending to the first half of the season, the second half gets underway and has to try and rebuild the momentum. I’ll admit that while I really liked the first half, going into the second half with no real notice that it was coming threw me off a bit and didn’t get me pumped for it. But as the show kicked in and we got something that stepped away from what we had before with the lost sector and its distinctive colors, Green Lantern definitely manages to set the dark and dangerous tone as a certain someone begins to revive the Manhunters. With them being one of the standard bearer big bads of the Green Lantern universe, I’m definitely glad to see them come into play here.

While that stage is set, the show shifts its focus to Earth where Hal is learning that time has moved on since he went off into space. It’s rather interesting getting the time here, both in the romantic interlude but also the action, as the show has had very little Earth based material which gives this a different look to it. To make matters more interesting, we also get another Green Lantern here as Hal’s time away has had the Guardians bring in Guy Gardner, “the ginger Green Lantern” who is definitely confident Guy we’ve always known and loved from the comics. He’s definitely got a bit of style to him and he’s completely in love with himself while making it clear that he’s taken over here. But there’s also a bit more humility to him here as well as he tries to get along with Hal a bit.

Of course, it’ll go only so far before it turns into an actual fight between the two. There’s a real difference in creativity between the two men though which leads to some really fun scenes here as they go at it, in the city, in space and elsewhere where they won’t cause too much property damage. It lasts only so long though as it shifts to the larger storyline in its first blush here. A recent discovery on Earth of an ancient tomb has apparently gone awry and it turns out that the tomb is a Manhunter base that’s been reactivated. Which, naturally, puts the two Lanterns to working grudgingly with each other. The Manhunters definitely offer the menace here and the key phrases are all included, making me rather pleased. The action hits some really good notes here as it goes forward but also slides in some rather good humor along the way, especially where it seems like everyone in the Corps knows and really likes Guy.

In Summary:
Perhaps it’s just because of the locale change, but the animation here seems like it’s been stepped up several notches. With more variety to the colors, more detailed designs for the human characters and the Manhunters, Green Lantern really looks very good here as it defines itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season with its alien arc adventure, spending all of its time in space, but I’m really liking the look of it here on Earth as well. Bringing in Guy Gardner could be hit or miss since he’s always been somewhat divisive to say the least, but he’s used really well here and Diedrich Bader does things just right here in voicing him, even as they do deviate from some of the “classic” Guy personality traits.

Grade: A-