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Polar Bear Cafe Episode #26 Anime Review

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Rapping Polar Bear. I’ve now seen it all.

What They Say:
Full time panda is scared of losing his job and MC 469MA brings the bar down.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the show set for another season at least, Polar Bear Cafe is safe to bring out more fun and silliness with the unusual crowd of characters that populates it. The more we get to know the cast and expand on their situations, the more amusing it becomes overall. Of course, the more we get to see how the animals have to deal with real world situations, the more the lines blur but more amusing they become as well. Such as the first half here where the main panda in the zoo has taken on some side jobs – doing them at the zoo – in order to make ends meet.

That’s not something that’s going over well with Handa and the staff in general since it throws things off and makes it look bad for the zoo. Especially since it could cause others to start to do the same and that would just lessen the appeal of the zoo. When they get called out for it, Fulltime Panda gets really concerned since a temporary panda is coming to work there soon and he’s afraid for his job after this. Temp Panda is definitely an energetic go getter which just make things worse for Fulltime Panda. There’s a lot of fun as the Temp Panda gets all fired up and the others try to out-lazy him in a strange competition that actually does work well. Well, for laughs at least as seeing the three of them go at it is a lot of fun.

With the second half, the focus shifts to Grizzly back at his bar as some of the more dangerous animals come to visit and reminisce about old times. There’s something fun about it since they’re all tough guys in their own way and go on about their lives and what they want to do with them. Though they’re in a particular track, they’re still looking for what they really want to do. There’s some good nuggets into it all as we get a wolf, a tiger and a lion talking about things and it even deals with a DJ at one point with how they feel about him. It’s not the usual kind of silliness we get with things, but watching how this group complains and gripes about their lives is rather amusing overall. When Polar Bear shows up though, you can’t help but to laugh.

In Summary:
Polar Bear Cafe has a mixed bag of material here when you get down to it, but both of them are pretty fun and interesting in their own ways. The first half is more traditional as we get the full on panda experience and competition going on with who can be a better panda as a part timer comes into play. The second half shifts to a more somber piece at Grizzly’s place which definitely has its moments as we see some old friends get together that aren’t sure about where they’ve ended up in life. It has its moments, but it’s when the whole rap session starts that you just have to laugh out loud and enjoy every minute of it for what it is. Good, plain fun.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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