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‘Bakuman’ Anime Still Set For UK Release

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With the US release of the second season of Bakuman being pretty much off the table for the foreseeable future, word has surfaced about its release in the UK. Media Blasters has released the first season in the US on DVD back in late 2011 and picked up the rights to the second season but events have kept them from releasing it. Manga Entertainment UK responded to a request for information on Twitter today about what the UK plans are:

@KyuubiMinato It’s still going to be released in the UK. @KazeUK have said that it will now be a subtitle-only release due to the cancelation of the title in the USA. Should be more details on this soon. ^JG

The good news is that the UK fans will still get the show, but the bad news is that it’ll lose the dub since Media Blasters isn’t likely to release it since the two singles for the first season did so poorly, owing to it being released in two halves and a Blu-ray release slated for afterwards that split sales and annoyed fans who just wanted the show. The fate of the second season (and actual purchasable copies of the first season, which are hard to find, remains in doubt. The series as a whole, with a third season due out next month in Japan, has a lot of potential but has missed the boat due to the way it was released. Viz Media continues to release the manga.

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