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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode #13 Anime Review

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The fight to survive continues and only gets more problematic.

What They Say:
Yuuya rescues Yui from the hangar, and tries to escape with the core for the EM Radiation Cannon. But all the BETA suddenly start heading towards them, and they have to make a quick escape…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the show hitting the mid series big event, we’ve had some good lead-up to it so far as the BETA have overwhelmed the Russian base and made a complete mess of things. Of course, they were essentially aided by the Russians in thi smatter since they were working their own angle when it came to the cannon, but both Yui and Yuuya made a mess of that for them. But the main problem is still there in that the bloodied and well worn soldiers are dealing with a difficult battle because the BETA are just so numerically superior and seemingly mindless that it just goes on and on and on.

With Yui and Yuuya now huddled up in the hangar after all that’s happened so far, the BETA are making a concentrated push towards them, which definitely freaks them out a bit since it’s not entirely expected based on events so far. They’re ready to deal with it as best as they can, but they’re also about to have to cope with what’s going on behind the scenes as the Russians in command are intent on just eliminating everything there, including their own people once again, in order to achieve their goals. It’s cold ,ruthless and definitely in the spirit of a brutal war, but it also continues to go with the blunt (if true) idea that mankind is man’s worst enemy. There’s certainly no hesitation about what needs to be done from the commanders point of view here.

There’s some good action to the episode but also a lot of down time as well as it focuses on dialogue and moving the characters around to where they need to be, as well as getting the rest of the team to understand what’s going on. Learning about how the Iron Curtain is still being kept down even as their teammates are in danger just infuriates them, but there’s also little they can do. Much of the focus does shift to what Yuuya and his small group is doing to survive in the face of such odds, which gives the episode some good tension and drama because based on past events you can’t be completely sure as to what will happen.

In Summary:
Bringing to conclusion at least part of this arc, as there’s bound to be fallout to come, Total Eclipse has worked well on a number of levels. We’ve gotten to see more of how the various factions out there work or don’t work with each other, we got a look at a powerful new weapon that could change at least part of the war and put some balance back into the game and we’ve seen just how far the Russians will go to try and have an edge over everyone else. We also got to see some very good BETA attacks and how people handle it, which has been a big plus for me, and we got a better examination of the slow but sure changes between Yuuya and Yui as well as change they’re going through on their own. It may not have been the most exciting arc at times, but it had a lot of good material and ends well here with some danger and uncertainty.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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