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Binbogami ga! Episode #12 Anime Review

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Can Momiji really be just a normal girl, even for a little while?

What They Say:
Momiji surprises everyone by acting differently, and even draws her male classmates’ attention away from Ichiko. Momiji claims that when a poverty god bathes in the human realm, they lose their poverty god powers. Ichiko, however, believes otherwise.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Momiji taking a different plan of attack when it comes to Ichiko now, having come to school in a completely different form and being a model student, Ichiko’s completely on her guard about things. Considering the tricks that have been run before, it’s no surprised that Ichiko is acting like she is, but there’s also the fact that she gave her such a particular kind of bath incident in the previous episode that it could turn her around isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. And the things Momiji are doing at this point in time definitely seems like it goes beyond just trying to fake out Ichiko. It’s a little too detail oriented and honest in a way, though thta doesn’t stop her from being wary.

The show has fun in the second half with this wariness (and how Ranmaru is just kind of spaced out over it, disappointed at the loss of her friend) and it works well since she makes some sharp comments and tweaks the situation well. When Momiji admits the truth and that it reaffirms what Ichiko had thought, it puts her in a more difficult position. One that has her deep in thought (in Death Note mode, which is hilarious) about what her best approach to take is. A lot of what comes to her mind though is to still treat the whole thing as a ruse and figure out what it is that Momiji is really up to since she always seems to have a plan of some sort.

Getting a good bit of time with Momiji and Ichiko as friends is rather fun to wtach once it gets underway since it has a variety of impacts on everyone else. Ichiko’s not keen on some aspect of it, but she gives in to the fun that happens regularly and starts to enjoy life this way. It’s something that definitely shifts the balance, but of course you know it won’t really last and there will be an out towards the end, which there is. That isn’t a surprise, but I did like that they allowed it to be somewhat tender and almost as if Ichiko is able to say goodbye to a different friend than Momiji was before.

In Summary:
Changing the dynamic of the series for an episode by giving us a very different Momiji works rather nicely since it puts the onus of things on Ichiko in a new way. While she’s always reacting and trying to get away from whatever thing Momiji is doing to drain her energy, here she’s just spending her time being guarded and wary, wondering when things will change. And once she starts to let her guard down and actually spend some fun time with Momiji, it takes some good and fun cues as it works along until the predictable change hits. It’s not badly done, has some nice notes to it from the characters as it unfolds and provides the right nods back to the core of the series to get it all back into play as it should be for the next episode series finale.

Grade: B-

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