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Space Brothers Episode #25 Anime Review

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It’s just a few weeks until Hibito’s launch and almost time for the next exam for Mutta.

What They Say:
With the final astronaut exam coming up, Mutta heads to Houston. However, Jennifer has some ominous news.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While we’ve seen a lot of competition among the astronaut candidates, they’ve all largely held themselves together well afterward when they haven’t made the cut and moved on with their lives. Even Mutta coped well with the idea of not making it through the previous exam phase until the truth of the matter came out. With the back story here, we do see that the person in question, Azuma, has coped as well as can be with losing out on becoming the first Japanese to land on the moon. But there’s an undercurrent of tension coming from him, especially now that he’s in a position to judge who will make it through the next exam phase. With Mutta being the brother of the man who will get the honor he wanted, there’s a lot to fear.

With it being a couple of weeks until the next exam, and knowing that Azuma will be one of the judges, Mutta’s pretty nervous about the whole thing. Hibito’s nods towards what he went through is amusing since it just adds to Mutta’s nervousness. But Hibitio is coping with his own stuff as well since Azuma was something of a friend before everything went south. Unknowingly, Mutta ends up giving him a rather good idea on how to deal with fixing that bridge, since he wanted to ease the tension that could impact his next phase if it’s an interview. But there’s a good bit of truth to his suggestion as well because it’s what he experienced in the locked capsule part of the exam with how he made friends and created a working bond with everyone that he was competitive with.

Mutta’s sense of priorities gets shifted well after an incident with Hibito that has him refocusing on supporting his brother but also getting himself into gear. While his personal training hits a few snags, he largely puts his all into it and works at it the best that he can, getting in shape and doing the things he needs to under Apo’s watchful eyes. He has a lot of reasons for giving it is all, and especially since his brother finish up his training for his own launch inspires him. And all of this works well to show just how motivated he is, which is pretty good since he’s not trying to impress Serika. We do get a glimpse of the rest of the Houston crew though which makes you grin even though it’s just been a couple of episodes as they’re about to bring some fun to the show in their own way.

In Summary:
Space Brothers works through dealing with the bonds of the brothers well as they both grow and learn more about each other as adults. With the continued encounters that they’ve had with each other in the last few years and especially since Mutta decided to follow through on their childhood promise, they’ve gotten closer while still having that proper Japanese distance. The way the two are coming together, and seeing Mutta really get inspired by his own position there and what he needs to do to catch up, works really well. Hibito was always harder to connect with early on in the series, but the more we see of him, the more you want of him in the show and of the two of them together. There’s a lot to like here and the show once again goes by far too fast.

Grade: B+

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